Things to Know About Your Travel Insurance In 2021

Things to Know About Your Travel Insurance In 2021

Travel insurance is critical since life does not always go as planned. Nothing puts an obstacle on a long-awaited vacation like having your trip canceled just because your passport was stolen, a volcanic eruption, or requiring medical attention while you are miles away from your house. The obstacles can range from mere inconveniences like terrorist attacks at your vacation destination to baggage delays, among others.

And this is the main reason why acquiring international travel insurance Singapore is greatly recommended. However, there are numerous travel insurance options available, and most people do not know how to pick the best travel plan that suits their requirements.

To help you make an informed decision, we have explained everything you need to know about how travel insurance works in Singapore.

Types of travel insurance

Here are the main types of travel insurance:

  • Annual Multi-trip travel plan- this has a flat premium strategy and covers an indefinite number of tours in a year, starting from and ending in Singapore. An annual travel insurance plan is cheap, so you can just buy it if you are planning to travel at least five times a year. You can travel as many times as you want to the chosen trip zone, either international or regional, as long as each vacation does not exceed ninety-two days. You can not only save huge amounts of money but also save a lot of time that you would have used to purchase an insurance plan every time you want to travel. You can claim insurance cover for each tour separately but within one month of the scenario.
  • Group travel plan: if you are flying in a team of two individuals or more, it is way more helpful to buy a group insurance plan. Group plan offers nearly the same benefits as provided in personal insurance covers yet at a lower price thanks to the common team plan discounts. For instance, big teams may customize annual insurance plans depending on their particular requirements and the nature of the vacation.
  • Personal plan: covers just you or any other individual; that is, you can purchase the insurance cover for someone else, either your child, relative, or partner.
  • Single trip insurance cover: covers an individual for just one vacation, typically commencing from and ending to Singapore. It is perfect for individuals who travel once per year.
  • Family insurance plan: focuses on families traveling together. Purchasing an insurance plan for each family member might be costly, and effort, and time-consuming, so it makes more sense to buy a common family plan.

What does international travel insurance cover?

  • Personal accident: most travel insurance covers provide a standard array of individual accident covers, including permanent disablement and accidental death and child education funds, among others.
  • Accommodation cancellation: this plan covers accommodation costs that are forfeited because of specified reasons under “travel delay.”
  • Closure of trip agency: for individuals who consider getting a trip agency to conduct all the arrangements, it is critical to make sure that your travel plan takes care of all the potential monetary closure of the trip agency- in which case, you would be compensated for the pre-travel costs and losses incurred.
  • Travel inconvenience: this policy takes care of all disruptions to your trip plans, including curtailment and trip cancellation, baggage and personal property damage, and individual liability, among others.
  • Medical coverage: is a fundamental functionality of a travel plan, which covers treatment costs incurred from getting sick or injured while on vacation, while you are overseas, and often after you have traveled back to Singapore.

Other incidents covered by travel insurance policy include:

  • Emergency repatriation and evacuation
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Terrorism cover, and
  • Leisure sports cover.

Where can you purchase all these exclusive trip insurance policies?

If you want to travel to your desired country and need to buy a travel insurance policy, here are the common places to acquire your insurance cover from:

  • Insurance brokers
  • General insurance agents
  • Reputable insurance companies
  • Credit cards
  • Online aggregators

You can also purchase travel insurance policies via different intermediaries, including:

  • Banks
  • Airlines
  • Travel agents

Bottom line

Purchasing a travel insurance plan in Singapore is something most of us often take for granted. Some people bother to purchase a plan ahead of time, while others compare to find out the best travel plan in Singapore. But with the information already provided in this article, you can now make a well-versed choice of the best travel insurance policy suitable for your needs.

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