Tips to Clear Class 8 Math Olympiad

Tips to Clear Class 8 Math Olympiad

Mathematics is a quite complicated domain of study compared to the rest of the subjects and when it comes to the mathematics Olympiad it gets more tricky and tough. Hearing the words like tricky and tough students tend to grow up on anxiety.

In order to prepare for higher courses, however, students in the 8th grade should participate in competitive tests like Olympiads, which will help them improve their mathematical, problem-solving, conceptual, and logical abilities as they go through the grades. In order for them to be confident in the future, they must develop abilities that will allow them to confront academic and competitive obstacles in a fearless manner. These Olympiad exam rankings will add value to your profile, which will aid you in gaining admission to prestigious colleges in the future. When given the option to participate in Olympiad examinations, students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity.

To qualify for the International Motor Sports Organization (IMO), a great deal of practise, many hours of ideation, time management, and a strict study regimen are required. This is especially true since a student must devote a significant amount of effort to comprehending, studying, and revising the ideas, theorems, and formulae.

In this post, we will present students with some pointers on how to plan, prepare, and succeed in the Olympiad competition.

  1. Be familiar with the optimal syllabus:

Organizers of Olympiad examinations develop test questions that are mostly based on the school curriculum. The SOF will publish the curriculum for the Olympiad on their official website when it has been finalised. The syllabus should be known before beginning the preparation process, which is more crucial for pupils. As a result, it is very important for pupils to comprehend the whole syllabus before proceeding.

  1. Make a thorough plan:

When you don’t plan ahead of time, you have a high risk of failing. Students are advised to devise a comprehensive strategy and adhere to it until the completion of the final IMO assessment. The most important prerequisite for being organised at all times is to have a positive attitude and avoid allowing anything to distract you from your objective. Form the habit of allocating adequate time on a daily basis to learning and practising Math Olympiad exercise assignments, previous year papers, and other related material. However, this will be the most straightforward and effective method of studying in order to achieve success and gain confidence in the subject matter prior to the day of the examination. Creating a schedule and planning with the greatest amount of discipline will make it simpler for you to keep track of everything.

  1. Appropriate selection of books:

When you’ve finished learning about and comprehending the syllabus, the next step is to choose the most appropriate materials from which to begin your preparation. In contrast to regular math assessments at school, the mathematics Olympiad does not rely on you to remember all of the questions from a book before taking the test. Determine the most appropriate kind of Olympiad books for you depending on your learning style and manner of instruction. Check to see whether the books you chose include information on all of the needed subjects and if the subject pertains to the math Olympiad’s curriculum before purchasing them. It is required to include Olympiad exercise questions, practise questions, and a few more questions that will assist you in improving your mathematical skills in preparation for the Olympiad test. Problem-solving questions, conceptual questions, logical questions from previous years’ workbooks, question papers, and other sources should be included in the material you use to practise problems.

  1. Detailed understanding of the concepts:

Learn a topic until you are able to answer problems of varying degrees of complexity on a consistent basis. The math Olympiad exam consists of a range of objective questions that assess conceptual understanding, problem-solving abilities, logical abilities, and arithmetic abilities among other things. Because all of these abilities require students to demonstrate their knowledge, it is critical that they comprehend things at a deeper level. By continuously studying the topics, the students’ primary goal is to seek new and better methods to improve their intellectual, problem-solving, and other skill standards. You may also look for answers to your questions in the math Olympiad’s discussion forums, which were designed specifically for the competition.

5) Put in the time and effort to perfect your craft:

There are no quick cuts when it comes to this specific technique of learning. The more you practise, the more self-assurance you will get. It is just as crucial as the preparation for the test. Spend double the amount of time you would have spent preparing for the exam on practising questions of various sorts and ideas. Before you begin taking mock examinations, make sure you have solved all of the different sorts of questions from all of the different areas and ideas. This helps you to become aware of your problems and take steps to resolve them before going on to the next level of the practise process.

Recommended E-material for practice purpose: IMO Class 8 Previous Year Paper 2013

  1. Mock Tests:

Once you are done with the preparation for the examination, it’s time to take up mock exams online. These exams help you understand where you stand and analyze the topics which need to be improved. Identifying the weak areas, you can put more effort on and convert them to one of your strengths. Along with rectifying the mistakes, finding the weak spots, you also learn time management. Olympiad exams are conducted for 45-60 minutes. So, time management is also an important factor that needs to be considered. Taking up a mock exam, you may enhance your solving questions that test your skills in addition that your accuracy and speed also improve. These exams will improve your confidence to take the real IMO examination without any fear.

  1. Maintain a Positive Attitude:

Like training, having the proper mindset is extraordinarily essential while taking Olympiad exams. Whether you take it for the first time or have accomplished it earlier. Having the proper stage of confidence, self-belief could be very essential for extraordinary performance. You ought to now no longer be conceited or afraid of the Olympiad exam, as this will without delay affect your potential to solve and find solutions to the questions. Keep your mind calm, positive, be effective, exercise meditation, and stay away from distractions. Don’t overwork yourself unnecessarily and put yourself in an undetermined, negative zone. Instead, agree with your training, learning techniques and take the examination with an effective, right, calm mindset.


Hope, the article helps you with identifying the ways to clear the math Olympiad exam. Follow the tips and prepare well for the math Olympiad examination.

Written by Enaa Mari

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