Tips to improve at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Tips to improve at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

There is no need to mention how popular Call of Duty games have become in recent times. There are so many players who are always thrilled to play this game. However, whether you are a newbie or someone who wants to improve his or her gaming skills, there are a few crucial pointers that need to be kept in mind. Consider taking a look at undetected modern warfare cheats to take your game to the next level. 

Here are a few tricks and techniques that every player who is looking forward to improvement can imply in the game. 

1. Stay calm

Most players tend to make this mistake. Make sure not to rage by contemplating your strategies. Confidence is the key to win this game.

If you come across other players using a noob class, don’t be sad; instead, feel pity for them. Doing this will bring more positive thoughts to mind. You will believe more in your skills. Now, you can make a good strategy and easily surpass them.

2. Keep a check on the Killcam

You might feel this strange but trust me; it will help to enhance your team’s score. If you select start during the killcam, you can achieve positions of their Comrades, possibly camping, leaving a better opportunity to level up your team’s score. 

3. Don’t focus on big killstreaks

Many players don’t follow this tip and end up suffering from pain. When you get a high killstreak, it only gives you a lot of pain and falls prey in the hand of an enemy. 

Here are a few tactics that you can follow:

Stealth : This tactic is preferred by most players. Discovering a new way around a heavy enemy emplacement might also encourage you to attempt and make a triple kill. This will make your opponents feel discouraged and play worse. In this way, you can manage to keep your team ahead of everyone. 

Rushing: Rushing is all about using light but powerful weapons so that you can charge at your opponent front-on and below their morale.

Sniping: You should go for sniping if you have to take down your opponents at a long range, but your gun doesn’t hold enough punch.

1. Do whatever you can to piss off your enemies

Do whatever it takes to disappoint your enemies in the ground. You can camp, use grenade launchers, or even trash talk to piss them off. This will make them come back to you and get killed. 

2. Don’t be rude to your teammates

No matter what the situation is, if you come across your squad member sniping, don’t try to take away the spot and begin to snipe. This will end up in a tragedy where both of you will get killed. Also, avoid taking away their care packages without asking them.

3. Stay away from fire

Make sure that you are away from the fire in the game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as the weapons have a lot of power.

Also, while you sprint across a spot under fire, ensure to look below and sprint when you jump. 

4. Sharing is important

If you are low-level and have a sentry gun inside your care package, give away the gun to your teammate. The best quality about this game is that you will earn points for sharing. You will get 50+ for each level needed to get it. 

5. Know your weapons

There are many weapons that you can select from in this game. However, you are advised to use the ones that make you feel comfortable. Thus, it is crucial to know the uses of each weapon before you decide which one to use. Also, all the weapons in the game are equally powerful. 

6. Know your map

When you know the maps, you will be able to learn about the corners where you can hide. You will know where your contenders might be hiding. Thus, playing every map more and more, you will learn the spawning locations of the other teams on the map.  


This article allows you to learn and inculcate tips that will enhance your gaming skills. Ensure to use them during your game time and become a pro in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 without any hassles!

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