Top 4 Access Equipment Needed On a Construction Site

Top 4 Access Equipment Needed On a Construction Site

When you’re looking at what equipment you need when running a construction site keep height safety in mind. Working from a great height is the most dangerous job on a construction site so investing in the right equipment is vital. There are many options but having the best access equipment means your staff will be kept safe.

You’ll need to look into all of your choices in order to get the best height safety equipment you can. In this article we’ll discuss cherry picker hire, podium platforms and scissor lifts as just a few options for you to choose from.

Podium Platforms

No matter what height your workers are working from, safety is the most important factor which is why podium platforms are an ideal investment. They are typically used for low-level height access which may be forgotten when it comes to height safety. Making sure your staff can reach any height safely is important to running a secure construction site.

You need to make sure that you give your workers the best equipment no matter their job. It’s important to look into all the jobs that you need done and finding the right equipment for these tasks. This is the only way for you to keep everyone safe and it’s also your job as a site manager.

The activities you’ll need a podium platform for include:

These tasks are just as important as any other job on a construction site. Therefore, the safety aspect shouldn’t be forgotten simply because they may not be at extreme heights.

Cherry Picker

A cherry picker can either be petrol powered or electrically powered. The petrol powered machine may be the better option if you don’t have power points for electrical machinery. This is a great investment as your workers will be able to move in any direction making hard-to-reach places easier to work on.

The best part about this type of equipment is the fact that you can hire it out if you can’t afford to purchase it. When you’re starting out as a company that is new to construction work you don’t want to spend your money all at once.

Hiring the equipment you need for the job will be more affordable and you’ll have access to all the latest equipment on the market. So, if you’re new in the construction industry don’t spend all your money on purchasing a cherry picker. Hire the machines you need instead.

Scissor Lift

If you have a job that needs to be done inside or outside of your construction site a scissor lift can be the type of equipment you’re looking for. Scissor lifts are ideal if you need to lift more than one crew member off the ground and safely onto another platform

This makes it easier for your crew members to work on a task altogether so no time is wasted. A scissor lift can also help lift heavy objects so you can move materials from one area of the site to the other hassle-free.

Unlike a boom lift, a scissor lifts can move in any direction whereas a boom life can only move vertically. This access equipment can be used for inspections, repair work, and maintenance on your construction site making it a great investment.

Electric Hoists

An electric hoist may not sound like a piece of access equipment that you need but it can make moving heavy objects easier and safer. Electric hoists can help speed up your production because they can quickly move equipment from one place to the next quickly.

A motor is used to lift and lower the material that has been attached to the hoist in order to make it safer to use and operate. This is an ideal machine to have because it helps make tasks easier so you and your crew members don’t have to spend too much time on the project.

There is no need for you to ask your workers to move any heavy equipment after purchasing or hiring an electric hoist. If your workers injure themselves on a job you’ll be to blame so remove all possible risks.

Final Thoughts

Running a construction site can be a lot of work and extremely stressful. You have lives that you need to look after while looking at the logistics of every purchase you make. You can have peace of mind because there are excellent machines that will help you make any construction task a breeze.

We hope that after reading this article that you feel more comfortable knowing what equipment you can purchase to make your life easier. You don’t even have to worry about making once-off payments when there are hire options out there for you. Make your construction site safe while optimising the work your crew can perform with the right access equipment.

Written by Addison Taylor

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