Top DevOps Tools for Unlocking the Power of Azure DevOps 

DevOps is the approach that will help the organization to integrate and automate various processes between software development and IT operations. Its practices enable both software developers and IT operations teams to accelerate delivery with the help of collaboration, iterative development, automation, and feedback. There are some top DevOps tools that offer enhanced delivery control, superior quality deployment, and faster speed to market. They will empower your teams to fix bugs, frequent software updations, and deliver new features in an automated manner, reducing manual steps.  

What is Azure?

Azure is a platform that offers various ranges of cloud-based services and tools, enabling the organization to develop, deploy and manage applications with the help of a data center managed by Microsoft. It offers flexibility and scalability that will benefit organizations of different sizes, allowing them to expand and contract as required.

Azure DevOps is a platform that helps teams to collaborate and automate various processes which will enable the efficient delivery of software. There are specific tools that help to access Azure DevOps to its full potential. If your organization uses those top DevOps tools, it will maximize the power of Azure DevOps.  

Top DevOps Tools That Help to Maximize the Power of Azure DevOps:

Now, we will discuss top DevOps tools that will help your organization unlock the power of Azure DevOps.

  1. Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines is a service offered by Microsoft’s Azure DevOps offering robust continuous integration and continuous delivery. You can develop, test and deploy applications across different platforms. With its extensive support in various programming languages and integration with other Azure services, the Azure pipeline is a top DevOps tools for automating software delivery. Another advantage of Azure Pipelines is that before you roll out your software to the final consumer, it will help you in catching errors and also in fixing bugs. 

  1. Azure Boards

Azure board is a web-based project management tool in Azure DevOps that enables planning, tracking, and discussion of work in every development phase. It will align your team with all required code changes, providing transparency and collaboration. It also supports agile methodologies that support Kanban and Scrum. 

  1. Azure Repos

Azure Repos is a VCS (Version Control System) that is part of Azure’s top DevOps tools. It will allow you to store code in the central repository, collaborate with the team, and track code changes. This tool will allow your organization to trace changes in your code, and in case of need, this code can also be reverted. In Azure Repos, several tools are available to help you collaborate with your team, discuss threads, and help integrate with other Azure DevOps tools.        

  1. Azure Test Plans

Testing plays a very vital role in the software development process. When the packages are going to be updated, or changes are made in the software, many things can go wrong. In such cases, Azure Test Plan can help you identify and fix potential issues, making you confident. From coding to deployment, it helps DevOps engineers to test their applications across various devices such as mobile, desktops, and clouds. If you want to test your software, you can hire DevOps engineer, they will provide you assistance in every manner.    

Azure Test Plans also offers the facility of reporting and analytics, which will help you in data-driven decision-making. Thus it is very beneficial for your organization as the decisions are backed by the data, which helps your organization to grow faster. 

  1. Azure Artifacts

Azure Artifacts is one of those top DevOps tools used when it comes to developing and maintaining projects based on packages. If the DevOps engineer uses Azure artifacts, they don’t have to be cautious about finding suitable packages and do not have to think about compatibility issues.  

Another benefit of using Azure Artifacts is that it can store packages for various programming languages like Node.js, Python, Java, .NET, etc. Because of this feature, it becomes easier for the various teams to collaborate without thinking much about compatibility issues.   

  1. Azure Extension Marketplace

The Azure Extensions Marketplace is a top resource for organizations that use Azure DevOps services. It is one of the top DevOps tools that provides a centralized location for identifying and downloading extensions that might improve the functionality and efficiency of Azure DevOps. It is continuously updated with the new extension so that it can meet the requirements of its users. This extension has a feature for rating and reviewing, allowing users to share their insights with various extensions.


In this blog, we have covered some of the top DevOps tools enhancing Azure DevOps’s power. You can use many more tools and services to improve your organization, but that depends on your specific requirements and the technologies you use in your organization’s development and deployment processes. Still, if you have any doubt about the application of the tools mentioned above or if you want to implement Azure DevOps in your organization, then you can hire DevOps engineers; they are the professionals who will guide you more promptly. 

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