Top eBook formats

Top eBook formats

EBooks will define the future of how we read books. Instead of purchasing traditional paper based books, we can see how most of the people out there in the world prefer to go ahead with purchasing eBooks. This is where you will notice that eBooks are available in multiple file formats. Below-mentioned are the most prominent file formats out of them.

  • TXT

This is the simplest format of eBooks available. It is nothing, but a simple text file. These files are mainly used for text. They don’t support graphs or images. The TXT Files are not good for formatting as well.

  • PDF

PDF is the most common file format that is available with eBooks. Portability of this file format is tempting people to go ahead and use it on eBooks. If you want to do any operation on PDF files, you can think about using an online tool such as

  • EPUB

EPUB is prominent file format, where you can find a variety of eBooks. You will also be able to read these eBooks in numerous devices. This file format delivers excellent copy protection to the eBooks.

  • MOBI

MOBI file format refers to Mobipocket eBook file. This eBook format was initially introduced by Amazon along with their Kindle books in the year 2011. However, this file format is not currently made available for the books that are published as of now. That’s because it is replaced with AZW file format.

  • AZW

When you get an eBook from Amazon Kindle, it will be in AZW file format. You will be able to open and read these books in the Kindle readers. On the other hand, they are offering excellent DRM protection to the users as well. One of the best things about AZW files is that they are in a position to hold complex content effectively.

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