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Top Must-Have Features of Multimedia Messaging App Development

Top Must-Have Features of Multimedia Messaging App Development

Today, we have progressed a long journey and have enrolled into an era of immediate messaging from any edge of the world. Instant messaging apps have transformed the way we used to communicate in earlier times. 

Now, messaging is intended to send and receive messages, but this manner has already developed one level. Now, we can transfer files, images, audios, videos, and update live status. And this transformation makes the multimedia messaging app development field worth adopting in business growth. 

But the main question arises: what features you must add to your app so that everybody will love to use your app. To answer this question, we here mention some top and must-have features that you should use while your multimedia messaging app development process. You can get a rough idea about what you would add to your app to make your services useful and add some unique features in your app to let users prefer your app rather than others. 

Must-Have Features to Include in your Multimedia Messaging App

Easy Sign-Up or Sign-Out Login

Today, most messaging apps are not restricted to graphics or messages. They are utilized for fulfilling various purposes from just plain text messages to video and voice calling. And the user of your app may be an ordinary person or a celebrity. Therefore, your app should have a pretty easy process for the User Login. You can also install social media integration with just a few clicks the user can comfortably access your app.

Push Notifications

This is the must-have feature in every kind of messaging app. No app can compete with push notifications. This provides straight communication between app users and messenger service providers. Also, it notifies users about new messages and also lets them know about what is new in your app. 

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Moreover, you can also add some amazing functions in your multimedia messaging app development like letting the users know about who is online or not, who sees your message or not, and many options. This will grab your user’s attention and encourage them to use your app more.

Secure Encryption

This is an important feature as it guarantees high-end protection and security of the conversation between two persons. No third party can crack or even decode the data anyhow. As we all see on Whatsapp, they provide end-to-end encryption security by which only communicating parties can see and read the messages. No third person is ever able to read messages. This will create a feeling of trustworthiness among the app users.


Chatbots are AI-based programs that are all over the messaging apps. This is basically a software agent that communicates and cooperates with human users via writing messaging by adopting a familiar voice to clarify the doubts of users. Telegram is the first messenger that includes this modern feature in your app.  

Involving this kind of feature in your multimedia messaging app development satisfies your users that they are using the latest technology-based messaging app. These features will help you in making your app popular in a very short span of time.

Integration of Geolocation

Speaking about the Geolocation that you might already know about, there are a lot of multimedia messenger apps and chat apps, enabling users to distribute or share their live location concurrently with the status settings. 

Plus, there are many ways to utilize the geolocation feature. This will let the users enjoy real-time fun with their far-away friends. In addition, this geolocation feature is also beneficial for transportation apps to know about the location of their drivers. It will also give you added benefits in targeting your app to the ones who are interested in your app.

Cloud Synchronization

Another important feature to include in your app. We all know that everyone has the habit of accessing an app from multiple devices. But with cloud synchronization, you are able to access your data like files, images, docs, audios, and videos anywhere. 

Cloud Synchronization enables you to collect or save your large files, high-resolution graphics images, videos, and audio records. Moreover, when the user changes or makes adjustments in the files from any device, the modifications are automatically implemented to the other instances files.

Voice and Video Calls

The more ways of communication you present to your users, the more comfortable your app will be for users. Let your app users interact via free voice and video calls. Group call functionality takes more comprehensive attempts to implement but renders the opportunity to run video meetings in between many persons.

This video call feature is the most used one nowadays as people are working from home in this pandemic situation. So integrating this feature in multimedia messaging app development will give you great popularity.

Message Broadcasting

This feature allows users to generate a group of chosen contacts and then repeatedly send the message directly to a number of people. All these messages will start arriving at recipients as standard non-group messages. But it is worth mentioning here that this message broadcasting is different from group creation as here the receivers have no way of recognizing other app users who get the broadcasted message.

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In numerous ways, instant messaging apps are the future expectation of communication. This is enough to the fact that the market of multimedia messaging app development and the necessity of on-demand delivery app builders are growing simultaneously. However, there is still an opportunity of developing an app like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger that will definitely get success like these game-changers.

So, if you are still thinking about having a multimedia app, take your plan into action. It’s high time to launch your app as people love to use new and good things. Make your app unique and stuffed with lots of advanced features so that your users will prefer your app more than other ones. It is good to mention here that updating your app according to the latest trends will help you to gain more success for your business and for your app as well.

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