Top Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Used Bike

Top Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Used Bike

It is tough to imagine lives without a two wheeler, especially when one has to commute on a regular basis. For this very reason, two-wheelers have found a special place in every owner’s heart who aim possess a powerful and long running bike models. During the covid-19 there is a sudden spike in used bike sale as people avid to travel in public transports. The memories of driving on highway, taking road trips, night rides, depends a lot on the smooth rides. As a buyer, one should never miss out on used bike valuation before deciding onto buy a new one. It is no surprise that with so many models being designed with latest technology, the need to upgrade bikes has spiked over the past few years. This has in turn given a boost to the second-hand bike sale.

As per a survey, the top 5 bikes that are being sold at a high resale value in India include Royal Enfield Classic 500 Cruisers, Honda CB Unicorn 150, Hero Splendor Plus, Hero Passion Pro i3S and TVS Star City Plus. Additionally, as one of the best commuter bikes, Bajaj CT 110 has also recorded best resale value in India. In case you are looking for an upgrade and wish to dispose of your old bike, always check used bike price on OBV before heading out to a dealer. Many sellers and buyers have recorded extreme confidence in deals that they have found on this online bike comparison platform. Read on to know the reasons for its popularity.

How to evaluate used bike cost before taking buying decision?

As a seller of a motorbike, accessing used bike price calculator is highly recommended. If you are new to this platform, a quick guide below will help you to grasp its functionality. Some of the key factors that influence value of a vehicle at any given time are the prime bases of price calculation and estimate delivered by OBV. The value of a vehicle over a period of time goes low owing to regular wear and tear.

Calculating the used bike cost involves factors like age, make or model, kilometres travelled, physical condition, service history, insurance record, ownership as well as necessary documentation. All these factors come into play while calculating the value of a used bike. In addition to this, sellers are also recommended to follow the below-given tips to ensure that they bag a good price for their bike even after a few years.

How to avail great value for your used bike?

If you have a plan to initiate the resale process, here are a few pointers and tips that can help you get a higher price for it:

  • Selling through the right channel: Best bid is the highest bid which is highly dependent on channel through which you are choosing to sell your bike. Selling through friends can get you a good quote which also depends on your bike’s physical condition.
  • Keep the documents ready: Secondly, you need to keep your documents ready while dealing with an individual buyer or an agency. This will simplify the documents transfer and get it done in a timely manner. It is necessary to execute two-wheeler’s registration certificate and insurance policy that calls for a good deal.
  • Get the paint jobs done: Motorbike polishing helps in uplifting the overall condition of a used bike. These jobs are essential which aid in remodelling a used bike therefore increasing its value to a great extent.
  • Change the Grips: Making tweaks in grips also works wonders. Replace these with durable, comfortable, and long-lasting grips which will help in increasing the vehicle efficiency along with hiking its resale value. The parts that are up and running increases the resale value.
  • Oil the chain: This is again a great upgrade in the bike and ensure that it remains in its optimum shape.
  • Timely servicing: Bikes that are clean, timely serviced and on top of their mechanics definitely find the right price in the market. This also helps in keeping them in a clean and functional space which ensure that these are well maintained.

It’s not the major things but minor ones which include timely maintenance, proper paperwork and servicing that help in increase a bike’s resale value. These are the factors that one should consider for all types of bikes like sports bike, cruiser bike, Off-road bike etc.

Written by Enaa Mari

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