Try out these card games to have fun with your friends & family

Try out these card games to have fun with your friends & family.

The tradition of playing card games has been there in India since time immemorial. Be it at a family function or on a sudden meet up with friends, the card games are adored by the Indians immensely, on all occasions. After all, one can easily savour some quality time with their family by indulging in an interesting round of bluff card game. 

After having a hectic day at work, there are a number of people who especially gather at the roadside tea stalls to play a round of cards before returning home from work. Besides that, it gets pretty awkward in those family functions when you can’t find a single person of your age group. The card games offer an amazing opportunity to bridge the generation gap in those cases as people of all ages can easily participate in these card games and enjoy them to the fullest.

In this era of digitalisation and technology, it has become quite easy for us to stay in touch with our family and friends. Even during the months of festivals and celebrations, one can spend a nice evening with their friends by engaging in an online Poker or bluff card game on GetMega app and distance won’t really act as a barrier at all.

Card games are fun when played in groups.

Let us dive in deeper and learn about two different types of card games that have been ruling over the online gaming industry for quite a while now!


Rummy is one of the most popular online card games which has gained immense fame over the past few years. What more can you ask for when you end up getting back that missing thrill of playing cards with your family with the help of online rummy? Online rummy also offers you to play and win real money.

A game of rummy demands swift thinking and pushes the players to make quick decisions which automatically sharpens the observation skills too! The Indian rummy is a 13-card game that is played with 2 decks of cards and has two jokers in total. 

The objective of the game

The players need to make appropriate and valid sets and sequences from the provided set of cards in order to win the rummy card game. One of the most important rules of rummy is that you need to make at least 2 sequences among which one needs to be a pure one as you cannot make a declaration without it.


Playing over the virtual space can feel quite different but in the end, the excitement of the bluff card game increases automatically when you are playing with your near and dear ones. Irrespective of your location, you can easily relax and play rummy with your friends if you have access to a desktop, laptop or smartphone.

The rules of playing a game of rummy are quite easy to follow and are straightforward. Here are the main rules of playing rummy:

  • Rummy is played among two-six players using one or two decks of cards where each player gets thirteen cards to proceed with the game.
  • A random card is selected as a wild joker and all the other cards of the same value become the wild joker in the game.
  • In every turn, the players need to draw a card from the two piles of given cards, the closed and the open deck. Once you pick a card, you need to discard one of your cards.
  • To win a game of rummy, the player needs to arrange at least two valid sequences or sets among which one needs to be a pure sequence. The person who makes a legitimate declaration at first becomes the winner of the game.


If you have a strong betting sense, this game is definitely the perfect choice for you. But it is not just your luck that will give you a fair chance of winning this game. If you have a strong understanding and an amazing blend of skills and observation power, you can grasp the game easily in no time!

Once you understand the strategy and develop a distinct understanding of the game, you can easily play it with friends and spend a great time with them. You can easily spend hours playing multiple rounds without getting fatigued.

The objective of the game

The main objective of the game is to win pots which constitutes the bets made by different players during a certain round.

Why should you try out these card games?

  • Easy to understand

The bluff card games come in a number of variations and if you are a beginner, you might feel pretty puzzled to start with the game. But once you learn about the basics and start playing at repeated intervals, you will get that the rules are pretty simple and easy to follow.

  • Improves your skills

The card games demand a lot of your attention and you need to be aware of at least have an idea of your opponents’ possible steps. Besides improving your capability to focus and concentrate continuously for long hours, there are a number of positive health benefits of playing these games.

  • Lets you spend quality time with friends/family

Be it for work purposes or for pursuing higher studies, many family members or friends have shifted to new cities. Playing online card games with them will let you get back in touch with your favourite people and enjoy the games with them even when they are miles apart.

Once you get the thrill and fun of playing the virtual bluff card game, you will automatically start playing it with your friends or family on every possible occasion or festival.

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