UI / UX Consulting

UI / UX Consulting

UI/UX  specialists employ the most powerful approaches to evaluate conceptual and intuitive user product experiences and integrate functional user experience (UX) techniques to design the best user interface (UI).

What benefits does your company gain from UI / UX Consulting? 

A UI/UX specialist can ensure the seamless running of your product by identifying and eliminating bugs, as well as designing new techniques.

Such will increase and attract your audience, increase merchandise sales and take the business to the next level. Here is a list of benefits your organization will gain by working with a UI/UX consultant.

Rise of user engagement

The more you know about your target demographic, the more you can understand how to maximize customer experience. A UI/UX specialist performs the requisite surveys and interviews to study the target demographic, audits the product, finds defects, and recommends changes. 

Data organization

Unstructured searching, obscure table management, data replication, empty areas, and fields with minimal features all slow down user engagement with the product and harm the user interface. UX consultancy defines primary challenges, prioritizes them, and recommends determinate changes. Data structuring increases the quality of the product and the customer interface.

Continuous product improvement

To stay on top, you must still be on the cutting edge of patterns, and sometimes you must expect them. Moreover, the path to success is continuous quality development, efficiency and speed improvement, and adaptation based on user experience. For close and long-term cooperation, it is better to choose a specialized IT company with experienced UI/UX consultants.

Behind the Scenes of UI / UX Consulting Process

The primary goal of user experience consultancy is to detect and fix issues promptly. The phases are as follows. 

  • Introductory Investigation

The primary aim of UI consultancy/user experience consulting is to identify all challenges, solve them as quickly as possible, and improve the user experience. The phases are as follows.

  • Brainstorming

The process includes a discussion of potential options and problems solutions.

  • Sketching, prototyping, and launch

Using heuristic evaluation techniques, the team tracks the efficacy, effectiveness, and compliance with usability requirements. As soon as the blueprint gets developed, our team begins to design wireframes using the strategic approach drawn up by InVision. The next step is to investigate designs to prevent failure. With various evaluations, the team assesses the viability of the proposals. The team then provides the client with the necessary information, including UX/UI, recommendations, and UI mockups to enhance more approach.

One of the successful approaches to UI / UX consulting 

UX / UI experts perform several evaluations to evaluate product usefulness and use one of the most successful approaches – heuristic evaluation. The heuristic evaluation approach requires a thorough review of a product’s user experience to find and fix usability problems. 

Thus, the team performs a cognitive path to decide the correct sequence and performs user testing to find an algorithm for tasks in specific circumstances. Then the team follows the Lean UX principles, it provides the consumer with high-quality insight and effective strategy execution. 

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