Why Progressive Jackpots Are All Their Age

Why Progressive Jackpots Are All Their Age

Today, gamblers can play the best casino games without leaving their homes, as mobile optimization and apps give instant access to entertainment. Hundreds of games fit in your pocket, so you can try your luck at any time of day or night. Progressive jackpots are getting a lot of attention from pundits as they unlock prizes that seem too good to be true.

Some games have spectacular seven-digit jackpots. Is it really possible to win millions of dollars online? There are reasons for skepticism, but the reality is more complex than critics think. If you play progressive slots, becoming a millionaire is a possibility, but not a given.

Concept of Progressive Games

So, why are these slots called progressive? In terms of gameplay, they are similar to other games in this category. You see a set of five reels with a certain number of pay lines — for example, 20. All you need to do is set them in motion by clicking or tapping the button. However, the prize pool is not fixed.

  • Normally, there are several jackpots, and all of them are growing all the time. For instance, the Mega jackpot, the most coveted prize on the internet, starts from 1 million dollars or euros depending on the location.
  • As players across the casino network play for real money, a fraction of every wager is added to the prize pool. As a result, it is never static, and you can always win big.

Are These Games Rigged?

These slots are available in any Microgaming casino. They deliver winnings based on mathematical sequences calculated by the RNG engine. Random number generators are the virtual equivalent of dealers. They guarantee a fair and unpredictable outcome of every game, from poker to Seven Sevens. Casinos do not manage them and cannot tinker with them, either.

Players must be aware of randomness, as they may chase losses and place too many bets to no avail. The system does not care about your previous wagering patterns. Neither the number nor the size of bets can tilt the odds in your favor.

There is no rhyme or reason to when the jackpot is paid. This may happen twice a year, once a year, or even twice a month. Once the biggest prize is won, the jackpot automatically rolls back to its initial amount, and the cycle starts again.

Real Winnings

Nothing is more inspiring than stories of real winners which show that progressive systems work. The biggest jackpot so far was won by a British soldier in 2015. After spending just 25 pence on a spin, he secured the Mega jackpot, which stood at 13.2 million pounds at the time. Several players from different countries have won the same jackpot since then. Game developers make their stats public, so you can find this information on the Microgaming site.

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