Weighing Up The Pros And Cons Of Repeating Kindergarten

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. Of course, you want them to be happy and enjoy life. But, in order for them to get the best opportunities and chances of success, there are times when you need to be tough, even though your child won’t like it.

Repeating kindergarten is one of those times. Children usually start kindergarten at 4 years old. A reputable child care centre, such as this specialist child care in Liverpool, will tell you if they think your child is ready to go to kindergarten. In fact, they will help to ensure they are ready.

Kindergarten refers to the final year of voluntary schooling before children join pre-primary. It is designed to be a fun way to learn social skills, gain basic knowledge, and prepare for school. However, while it should be fun, it is also an important step as it helps to ensure children are mentally and physically ready for school.

However, if your child isn’t ready then it is possible for them to repeat kindergarten. You can request this from your kindergarten or they may suggest the idea to you.

That’s when you’ll need to look at the pros and cons of doing so.

The Advantages Of Repeating Kindergarten

Keeping a child back for a year may not seem like a good idea but there are several advantages to this approach.

  • Increase Maturity

Children start pre-primary if they are aged 5 before the 30th of June. That means a child that is a few days away from being six can be in the same class as someone who has just turned five. At this stage in life that age difference is huge.

In fact, there can be a big difference between maturity levels, which is why it can make sense to get your child to repeat kindergarten. When they start a year later they will be more mature and capable of getting the most out of their schooling.

  • Understand Subjects

It’s inevitable when you repeat a year that you’ll gain a better understanding of all the concepts being taught. This will help them develop an edge over their classmates and help them to outshine everyone.

  • Boosts Confidence

Plenty of children are shy and find it hard to talk in front of the whole class. A lack of confidence can affect your ability to progress. However, if you repeat kindergarten you’ll have more opportunities to share in front of everyone else. This should boost your confidence and help you participate in activities in the future.

Disadvantages Of Repeating Kindergarten

Of course, there are several downsides worth considering:

  • Stigma

Although it is generally becoming more acceptable to resit a year, there are still those that will see it as a sign that a child isn’t as bright as others. This is rarely the case but you do need to consider how your child and their friends will react.

  • Poor Performance

Children that have been kept back and asked to repeat a year may feel despondent and stop trying so hard. This can have a knock-on effect on their future performance, potentially causing them to put less effort in and not achieve the results they are capable of.

  • Developmental issues

It is possible that getting your child to repeat kindergarten can slow their natural development. This can disrupt their schooling further and actually reduce their ability to undertake specific tasks.

Of course, the bottom line is simple. You need to do what you think is best for your child.

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