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It is no secret to you that the workplace had begun changing even before 2020 when the pandemic accelerated all of the developing trends that were already emerging and threw a few unexpected twists into the mix for good measure. The business world is changing as industry, commerce and retail all convert to fully digital. Thus, the question becomes, how do you keep up with what is happening so you do not fall behind the competition? Here is a list of three ongoing changes that are intriguing and that show signs of being the particular business tools to utilize as you move further into the completely digital workplace.

Did You Know Your Smart Phone Could Do This?

Do you have a computer network at your home? Do you have one at your office? How about in your automobile? Did you know your smartphone can operate over those networks and save you the cost of a cell phone contract? Of course, this describes VoIP, voice over internet protocol, for example, Ooma voip on cell phone. The simple bottom line is that you can download an app for your smartphone that allows you to use these networks to make phone calls. Not only is the quality excellent, the service dependable and the cost inexpensive but your calls are automatically encrypted. 

What Is a Hybrid Workplace?

First, everybody worked from the business workplace. Then, because of the pandemic, many people found themselves working from home and discovered that sometimes it can be the most productive location. Finally, workers discovered that sometimes you have to work from the office, from home and on the go, which led to the notion of the hybrid workplace. This particular model boasts several possible benefits:

  • It is extremely flexible.
  • It gives the individual worker plenty of freedom and responsibility.
  • It has been shown to promote interdependence and heightened collaboration among employees.
  • It has also demonstrated the ability to improve work habits and morale.

Is Hyperautomation a Thing?

Hyperautomation describes the incursion of artificial intelligence into every aspect of the digital workplace. A recent article on this development says, “Hyperautomation isn’t one particular technology. Instead, it’s the application of a range of technologies such as AI [artificial intelligence] and ML [machine learning] working together to achieve better business outcomes.” The essential meaning of this is that those businesses not involved in hyperautomation have been left behind by the digital age.

As these trends indicate the advancement of artificial intelligence and even smarter smartphones are going to make the workplace all the more productive.

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