Skip Hires Vs. Grab Hires: The Difference in Scale

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Let’s get this out of the way first: there’s no winner between Skip hire whyteleafe and Grab hires. Both of these are beneficial services that are essential for any large-scale project that requires waste disposal. In essence, Skip hires and Grab hires are different approaches to the problem of waste disposal for domestic or commercial projects. 

The First Question: What Are Skip Hires?

Skips are open-topped, large trash containers designed to fit on various vehicles. On the other hand, Skip hires are when you hire the services of a waste disposal company to get rid of waste or garbage generated from a project. The best example you’ll find of Skip hires is an everyday garbage disposal. You’ll often see these yellow-coloured, large containers placed on street corners for residents to dump their trash in. A garbage disposal company regularly picks up the full Skip and puts down an empty one. 

When Should You Hire Out Skips?

There are many particular scenarios where hiring out skips is optimal. Usually, these are places where the garbage has to be continuously disposed of to keep the work site clear, like: 

  1. Spring Cleaning: Lots of small items come out of nooks and crannies, and to do it efficiently, you need to dispose of things quickly and efficiently.
  2. Construction Work: Debris and other waste need to be cleared from a construction site immediately for both work efficiency and the safety of workers.
  3. Office Redesigning: Given the enormous numbers of desks, chairs, and other small to medium-sized furniture in offices, a skip hire Whyteleafe is the perfect way to take out stacks of chairs, desks in twos or threes, and other such items. 

Secondly, What Are Grab Hires?

Grab hires are a prominent alternative to disposing of your waste using skips. Most of the time, grab hires are large grab lorries that can lift out tons of garbage all at once. However, don’t think that their larger size makes them any less convenient than skips. Grab hires are the ideal way to dispose of more significant amounts of waste that usually involve hours of work using skip hires, and even for items that won’t fit inside a skip!

The use cases of grab hires are far easier to point out than skips. Grab hires are used for projects with a large amount of waste, debris, or aggregate, like: 

  1. Highway Gravel: The gravel used to make highways is brought to the worksite using a grab lorry.
  2. Gardening Soil: In a similar example of grab hires used for transporting aggregate, gardening soil is brought to newly made gardens by contracting a grab hire service. 
  3. Hardcore Waste: Grab hires are the preferred method for disposing hardcore waste that can cause injuries, like concrete debris and topsoil. 

Conclusion: Skip Hires vs. Grab Hires

While the garbage and waste containers used in Skip Hires are undoubtedly immense, they’re not designed for the maximum size. Instead, skips are meant to be as portable and convenient as possible since any garbage disposal truck outfitted with the correct equipment can easily haul them away. On the other hand, they don’t have the sheer capacity to grab hires. See where we’re going with this? Whether you should choose Grab hires or Skip hires depends almost entirely on the nature and scale of your project!

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