What Does an Onboarding Specialist Do?

Sadly, only 12% of workers strongly feel that their employer did a great job with onboarding. And believe it or not, onboarding has a huge impact on whether or not employees are happy with their jobs. This, in turn, can affect your turnover rates, which can affect your profits too.

To make sure onboarding’s done right, you need a good HR team. But in addition to that, you’ll also need an onboarding specialist.

So what does an onboarding specialist do? And why do you need to hire one? Keep reading for more information.

What Does an Onboarding Specialist Do?

Onboarding specialists are professionals who you either hire as an employee or through a third-party company. These are people who complement your HR department and help new hires get adjusted to their new jobs.

These people are responsible for creating your company policies and handbooks, as well as going over these with your new hires. In addition, they’ll contact new employees about crucial information such as work schedules, dress codes, guidelines, and account credentials.

Before new hires arrive, an onboarding specialist will ensure their workstations are properly set up with the equipment and software needed. Once they’ve arrived for work, the onboarding specialist will have the new employees read and sign all paperwork, then file them away safely.

Most importantly, they’ll take your new hires through a presentation to get them situated. This might involve demos on what your company does and how your products work, as well as LMS for training.

Why Should You Hire an Onboarding Specialist?

As we’ve explained before, only a small number of workers strongly feel their employers did a good job onboarding them. This means there’s a good chance your employees didn’t have a positive experience at your company.

You might already have an HR specialist on staff, but with an onboarding specialist, things will go a lot smoother and easier. They can split up onboarding tasks and streamline everything so it’s not chaotic during the first week of employment for new hires.

In addition, an onboarding specialist can analyze your current process and identify weak points. From there, they can customize it and onboarding new hires will be something your company masters.

When you have an onboarding process that employees enjoy and feel takes a lot of stress out of their jobs, it’ll inspire confidence in your company. And as a result, you’ll have a lower churn rate and won’t have to spend as much on hiring.

Get Help With Employee Onboarding

While your HR department might be doing a solid job already, having an onboarding specialist on your team can make a huge difference. By taking some extra care in your onboarding process, you can ensure that your employees are happier and that you retain them for longer.

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