What is digital prototyping?

We should categorize prototyping as an experiment to demonstrate the product development process. Prototypes come in many different forms, but each is created to test a basic design concept. In other words, a prototype is how you verify your most basic idea.

What does the digital prototyping process look like?

User feedback is used to guide the next phase of product development.  The key to the success of this process is that prototyping is done quickly and with minimal time and resources.  Prototypes are the initial test for a product concept and how that concept ultimately looks in reality.  The reactions of users who encountered the prototypes for the first time are very important.  Based on these, a given company decides whether the digital prototype moves to the second stage of product development.


Let’s take the example of an app or a website. The product prototype aims to replicate the finished creation containing content, connected interactions and animations. Thanks to prototypes, we present the client with new functionalities or check how potential users cope while using the created website. Remember that each prototype can take a different form and each can be used in ongoing testing.

Prototyping with professionals!

Boldare delivers initial testing with users, stakeholders and investors. This involves checking the overall design concept that has little or no working features or actual data. This company treats the prototype as an interactive visualization or trailer of the product. They picked this way to test and revise its existing look and style and core business concept. Sometimes prototypes come in different forms-paper, video, digital – at Boldare, they focus on when a project would benefit from prototyping.  The test almost always has some sort of digital presence or format.  Whatever format you choose for your prototype, it needs to be easily understood by your audience.

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