What Types of Heating Systems Can I Get Serviced in Greeley?

Greeley is an active community on Colorado’s northeast plains. As the county seat for Weld County and home rule municipality, Greeley provides top-quality healthcare, excellent schools, fun recreational opportunities, and a dynamic economy to its residents.

Greeley residents can turn to local HVAC contractors to install and repair various appliances.

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1. Furnace

Furnaces are among the oldest and most trusted methods of heating systems used in homes and businesses alike. Burning natural gas, propane, or electricity to produce heat through air ducts is used by furnaces, often in conjunction with an air handler that connects directly with supply and return ductwork.

Heat exchangers inside furnaces pulverize and transform air to its desired temperature before it’s mixed with heated gas by the blower fan and passed through a filter to remove dirt and other contaminants before being sent through air ducts.

If your old, inefficient furnace or boiler requires costly repairs, consider investing in a more energy-efficient model. Ensure the replacement meets both your comfort needs and energy efficiency goals – improper sizing can waste energy, consume additional fuel costs, and significantly shorten its lifespan.

2. Heat Pump

Heat pumps were originally developed for moderate climates; now, however, they offer an energy-efficient alternative to both furnaces and air conditioners.

Operating similarly to central AC systems, heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit housing a compressor connected with an indoor air handler featuring aluminum fins and coils that release or collect heat as required; refrigerant lines carry it all between units while refrigerant lines bring heated or cooled air between each one.

Some models feature only one indoor unit serving several rooms, while ductless mini-splits have one or more wall-mounted indoor units for each room. Both designs operate efficiently for energy-saving purposes.

If your heat pump makes rattling noises, tighten loose screws or reroute a power cord away from a fan or control panel to tighten loose screws or route power cords away from fans or control panels. However, if rattling continues after making these adjustments, check thermostat settings – if it remains on “cool”, but your heat pump is blowing warm air, this could indicate an issue with its reversing valve.

3. Boiler

Boilers are used to heat homes and commercial buildings, supply hot water services, and generate steam for power plants. Boilers utilize a furnace to burn fuel before transferring its energy directly into water through heated surfaces that move vaporization of its surface onto its vaporization; an economizer captures waste heat while deaerator tanks remove oxygen and other dissolved gasses from feedwater streams.

Licensed technicians can assist clients in selecting, repairing, or replacing boilers and providing ongoing maintenance of these systems to keep them operating effectively.

4. Water Heater

Water heaters are integral to most households, providing hot water for showers, laundry, and dishwashing needs. Unfortunately, when living in colder climates, a malfunctioning or broken water heater can seriously disrupt daily routines, causing hygiene and water damage issues if left unused for too long.

Homeowners can schedule an appointment to have their water heater serviced or repaired; if a home warranty plan exists, this should cover the costs involved in doing this work.

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