When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment NSW has become a standard dental treatment to remove an infected pulp. If you went for a dental check-up with complaints like a sensitive tooth, toothache, or cavity problems, your dentist might have suggested a root canal.

So what exactly is a root canal treatment? When do you need to undergo root canal therapy? How is the root canal procedure performed?

We’re here to explain all your queries related to root canal treatment NSW.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

All the connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels are encapsulated at the centre of your tooth, forming a softcore called the pulp. All these supplies nourishment and helps your tooth to grow.

Root canal treatment involves the removal of this softcore or pulp.

In most cases, an endodontist or a general dentist performs the root canal procedure.

Ensure to book an appointment with a qualified and efficient Narrabeen dentist for optimal precision therapy, care, and results.

How Is A Root Canal Treatment Performed?

A root canal treatment is performed in a dental clinic with a professional setup. When you visit the clinic for the scheduled procedure, you’ll be escorted to the treatment room. The procedure is started only after you’re comfortably seated on the dental chair. You can check more details here Maven Dental Canberra.

Administration of Anesthesia

Near the affected tooth area, your dentist will apply numbing medication in small quantity. Once the numbing effect has set in, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic. Momentarily you may have a burning sensation.

With this anesthetic, you won’t be completely unconscious. You’ll stay awake during the treatment. However, you’ll not have any pain sensation.

Pulp Removal

A small incision is done at the top of your tooth, exposing the infected or damaged pulp. An experienced Narrabeen dentist removes the infected pulp using files. Once the pulp is removed, all the pathways or canals are thoroughly cleaned.


After successful pulp removal, your dentist will apply a topical antibiotic to eliminate the chances of infection. After adequate cleaning and disinfection of the canals, a sealant paste and gutta-percha are used to fill the hollow cavity.

Depending on the chances of reinfection, oral hygiene, and overall health condition, you may need to take oral antibiotics.

Temporary Filling

Your dentist will finally fill out the small opening with a temporary, soft material to prevent the canals from getting damaged by saliva or reinfection.

Later the temporary filling can be replaced with a crown made with porcelain or gold.

When Will You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist recommends a root canal treatment when the pulp of your tooth gets infected or inflamed.

Even with an infected pulp, the crown of your tooth may remain unaffected. Removing infected pulp helps to restore the structure of your tooth.

Common causes of damage to the pulp include:

  • Untreated cavity leading to deep decay.
  • Multiple dental treatments performed on the same tooth
  • A fracture or crack in a particular tooth allowing the saliva and food particles to penetrate inside your tooth.
  • Trauma to the tooth (The pulp might get damaged even without a crack on your tooth)

The symptoms of an injured pulp include dull moderate dull to sharp severe toothache, swollen gums, bleeding, and sensation of heat in the affected area.

To confirm your requirement for root canal treatment, the dentist will first perform a physical examination followed by dental X-rays.

What Can You Expect After The Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal therapy is a tooth restoration process. Most patients who undergo the treatment through a trained Narrabeen dentist enjoy the benefits for a lifetime. Still, the longevity of the treatment depends on how efficiently you take care of your teeth.

Like the rest of your healthy teeth, your restored tooth needs proper dental care with regular brushing, flossing, and timely dental check-ups.

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