From Proposal To Reception: Here Are The Latest Wedding Trends To Look Out For

From Proposal To Reception: Here Are The Latest Wedding Trends To Look Out For

2.77 million weddings are expected to be held in the US in 2021 — up 650,000 from last year. From planning the proposal and engagement rings to organizing your big day, weddings involve plenty of different choices and decisions. Fortunately, focusing on unique, personalized experiences over flashy aesthetics, the latest wedding trends can help give you inspiration for your upcoming wedding.

At-home proposals

At-home proposals are becoming increasingly popular as couples discover that you don’t need to leave the comfort and privacy of home to experience your dream proposal. Indeed, at-home proposals can automatically feel more special and intimate for the couple. Although fuss-free, casual, and low-budget at-home proposals can certainly be romantic and meaningful, you also have the option to take things to the next level. For example, you could transform your home into a fun new environment. Cover your backyard with pretty and atmospheric decorations like balloons, candles and string lights, or set up a picture slideshow of your favorite memories as a couple. If the two of you had vacation plans you recently had to cancel, you could decorate your home with exotic themed décor from that country. With thoughtful planning and attention to detail, you can create a unique, personalized, and memorable proposal experience that certainly doesn’t feel lacking.

Outdoor proposals

If you’d rather have your proposal out of your home, an outdoor proposal may be the perfect alternative trend for you. Outdoor proposals are affordable, and don’t require traveling too far from home. Start by researching and exploring appropriate locations around your local town or city. You’re looking for the most scenic areas that’ll make the ideal backdrop for popping the question. For example, perhaps you live near a pretty flower garden, a beautiful lake, an awe-inspiring mountaintop, or a charming vineyard. You may also want to plan a romantic walk or picnic before or after the proposal for a special touch. Consider how your potential location will look at certain times of day — a sunset proposal may provide the best lighting and views for your engagement photo shoot, for example. You may even have to look a little further outside your immediate area to find the ideal spot, which means a short road trip may be in order. It’s all about finding a nearby destination that lets you feel like you’re getting away without venturing too far from home. Get a wedding speech idea from here for your wedding.


Unique engagement rings

No proposal is complete without the right ring. Engagement ring trends currently feature designs making modern twists on classic styles, along with brand new innovative designs. For example, two-stone engagement rings — worn by the likes of Emily Rarajkowski and Ariana Grande — are now all the rage. Two-stone rings provide a beautiful alternative to traditional one-stone designs. They’re also highly customizable, with the colors, stones, sizes and shapes completely able to be chosen by you. Alternatively, uniquely-shaped diamonds and gemstones can provide you with a modern alternative to standard cut oval, round, cushion, pear, or princess-cut stones. For example, portrait and shield cuts are an angular alternative to oval and pear-shaped diamonds. However, they’re fairly flat and appear longer on the finger, which makes the stone seem larger than it is. Moreover, unique shapes like teardrops, trapezoids, and half-moons can look striking — no matter how big or small the stones.

Outdoor weddings

Just like outdoor proposals, outdoor weddings are a trend here to stay. Fresh air and natural landscapes lend a breezy, peaceful, and romantic ambience. In particular, wedding tents and mood lighting are popular choices for outdoor weddings — together, they create a fairy-tale-like setting. Your wedding planner or venue can help you choose the right tent, while lighting technicians can help create the perfect ambience. Adding extra greenery or natural elements can further add texture, style and beauty.

Casual décor

In contrast to conventional standardized seating options (rectangle, square or circular) used in wedding ceremonies and receptions, mismatched seating and tables are now en-vogue. For example, some tables may sit six people, and others eight. Such a design choice creates visual interest, and also looks great in photographs. Similarly, creating a living room vibe is also a popular wedding trend, which works particularly well without outdoor, tented weddings. This includes comfy chairs and lounge-seating, plush pillows, and soft throws. A beautiful yet comfortable environment will help guests feel relaxed and at home. In the same vein, bistro-style entertainment can further enhance this casual, cozy vibe: think acoustic singers or even a DJ playing your favorite coffee shop songs.

Wedding trends are continually changing to reflect the needs and wants of the modern couple. From the proposal through to the reception, couples are now focusing on meaningful experiences and personalized affairs to create a truly special and unique event.

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