Where to find an office space in Malta?

Where to find an office space in Malta?

Are you new to Malta? The island is perfect as the living costs are much lower than most of the countries in central Europe. On top of that, the good weather and relaxed pace of life make Malta a great location for expatriates, digital nomads and businesses.

Are you looking for a flexible, stress-free workplace in one of Europe’s most historic sites? It can be tough to find the perfect location for a friendly coworking space that offers the availability of amenities and features that best suit your business. Well, you don’t need to worry as you can find a suitable spot to rent an office, or find a perfect space for your business. This guide will highlight some of the best places to find office space in Malta.


This is a town situated in the central region of Malta. It has modern commercial offices up for rent at 1,400 euros. With a square footage of 1,420.84sqft, this workspace has special features which include; three rooms, a tiled floor type, an elevator, a built-in kitchen, a bus stop located 15 m away with fully functioning air conditions with a CCTV alarm system.

Qui si Sana

Located in Sliema, a town on the northeast coast of Malta, this city is well known as a center for tourist attraction with its shopping, restaurants, and café life. A seafront office of 2,734.03 sqft with a rent worth 4,000 euros is available. The workspace is accessible for wheelchairs, it has an air conditioner, a waterfront, and a built-in kitchen.


A harbor town northeast of Malta known for its increased student population has a modern office space worth 6,250 euros. This 2,22813 sqft tiled space has five rooms and three bathrooms with an elevator and terrace.

Santa Venera

Located between Birkirkara and Hamrun, this town in the central region of Malta borders Qormi and Msida. A large tiled office space with an abundance of natural light worth 4,390 euros is available for rent. The space has one bathroom, a built-in kitchen, and an elevator.


A modern furnished office located in Vittoriosa (also known as the Victorios City), an old city on the south side of the Grand Harbour in the Southeastern Region of Malta with a long history of mercantile, maritime and military activities is available. This tiled space worth 1,500 euros has 6 rooms, 2 bathrooms, air conditioners, a waterfront, a seal lake view, and a built-in kitchen. It is furnished with very quality German desks and cabinets. It is divided into a reception area, a conference room and a director’s office en-suite.


This location, a town in the middle of the island, to the north of Valletta(the capital of Malta) has a 175 sqm office space worth 2,400 euros. It has two entrance doors, one bathroom, two rooms, a long balcony, no tiles, an air conditioner, water and electricity with a lift capable of carrying a minimum of 6 persons.


Also known as Citta Pinto, this city is located at the center of Malta, southwest of Valletta. You can find a fully furnished office space of 3,013.89 sqft worth 4,166 euros for rent in this city. This titled office space contains eight rooms, two bathrooms, an air conditioner, a fully furnished kitchen, two toilets, and a shower room with a corner building ushering in lots of light.


This is a small town northeast of Malta, it is well known as the site for insurance companies, IT service industries, and foreign embassies such as the embassies of Egypt, Italy, France, and the British High Commission. You can also find an office space worth 1,000 euros comprising a kitchen, a store, a restroom, a reception hall, a lift, one main office, and two small offices for rent there.


Located on the outskirts of Valletta, the town’s name signifies mercy. Here a modern and spacious office space worth 2,916 euros is available for rent. Its special features include; two bathrooms, a kitchenette, energy-efficient air conditioning units in all rooms, a fire alarm system, LED lighting, a generator connector, a server room, an intercom, and power sockets.


When choosing and planning an office space, all environmental and non-environmental factors such as topography, visibility, interior designs, and nearness to market should be considered. If you need to get coworking spaces in these areas, you can use, a privately owned coworking space service company. The company offers office spaces for hire in Malta. Ideal for freelancers, digital nomads, and small companies. Contact Soho for any of your needs for office and coworking spaces.

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