Which TV Wall Mount to Choose: Small Tips

Which TV Wall Mount to Choose: Small Tips

What factors should you take into account?

If you want to wall mount your new TV, there are several factors to consider. But what are the most important criteria and how do you choose the best mount for your TV?

We’ve put the most important points together on a list to make it easier for you. We’ve also included a few tips for hiding all your peripherals and cables.

1. Screen size of your TV

The size of your TV determines which TV mount you should purchase. If you don’t know your TV size, it is listed on the back of your TV and is part of the model number. You can also measure the size yourself. Measure the diagonal between the corners of the screen, not including the frame around. If you measure the screen in centimeters, divide that number by 2.54 to calculate the size in inches.


VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is a universal size indication used by most manufacturers of televisions and wall mounts. VESA indicates the distance between the mounting points on the back of the TV. A TV mount is fixed using these fixing points, for example. itod’s provides all the mounting materials you need with every TV mount.  

If you need more information on how to measure your TV’s VESA size and choose the right TV mount for your TV, watch this video.

3. Weight

TVs are getting lighter, making it easier to install them on a wall bracket. Always check the maximum weight supported by the stand. This way, you can be sure that your TV will be securely mounted on the wall. This information is always clearly indicated in the product information or on the packaging of the TV stand.

4. Cable management

itod’s TV mounts are designed for optimal cable concealment. Cables between your TV and other devices, sockets and / or cable connections through the bracket can be perfectly concealed using a cable duct. itod’s offers cable trays in different sizes and colors. Click here to view itod’s product line.

Would you like to know more about the best way to guide your cables in a new or existing home? Watch Hide TV Cables

5. Smart AV solutions

Are the connections of your audiovisual devices incompatible? But your equipment is still too young to be replaced. Or do you like its vintage style? itod’s has the solution for you: an ingenious solution. The SAVA range consists of products designed to connect your old devices to new technologies. For example, you can enable wireless connections and convert analog connections to digital. Get even more out of your precious audiovisual equipment by making it compatible!

Our SAVA products are subdivided into four categories: CONNECT (connect), CONTROL (control), CONVERT (convert) and STREAM (stream). They come with everything you need for trouble-free installation and use, and with extra long cables.


Go online, search for the tv mounting service in your area or get help from tv mounting portland Use their help tool. Enter the model number of your TV into the tool, along with the desired functions. You can also search without entering your model number or functions. But by entering the model number, we can advise you more specifically.

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