Why is polar care Kodiak the best-in-class therapy for post-surgery aches and pains

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After surgery, patients will benefit from using cold therapy to help recover from aching muscles, painful joints, and a stiff range of motion. Using cold therapy has always been a staple for putting on after you have had an acute injury, such as from an accident or sports injury since the coldness and compression help athletes recover quicker and faster.

Cold therapy is one of the best and time-tested methods to help athletes recover faster. But should cold therapy solely be used for athletes? In short, the answer is no – cold therapy is a safe and effective method for people of all ages and backgrounds. Cold therapy can be used by individuals recovering from surgery, such as elbow surgery, knee surgery, or wrist surgery. Applying a cold therapy unit to an affected joint can help individuals enjoy fewer aches, reduced pain, and fewer complications.

But what cold therapy unit should you use for maximum effectiveness? The following article will help you find the answer, you can also Click here to get more useful information.

Use Polar Care Kodiak to help recover after surgery

Polar Care Kodiak cold therapy unit is a foolproof way to help recover after surgery or an injury. When your body goes through trauma, whether through an accident, sports injury, or surgery, cold therapy helps the body reduce inflammation and lessen swelling so you can continue having a full range of motion while doing daily activities.

To help protect yourself, your body will produce inflammation post-surgery to act as a defense mechanism in the body to try and heal itself quickly and effectively. If the body did not produce inflammation, it would mean the body is not reading the right signals and the immune system is out of whack.

However, excess inflammation can lead to a decreased range of motion and swelling that can cause pain during the healing process. Using cold therapy and Polar Care Kodiak can help individuals reduce pain and swelling to recover quicker. Instead of solely applying ice and cold packs, use a Polar Care Kodiak unit to combine compression and cold therapy for increased benefits.

Benefits of cold therapy

Polar Care Kodiak machines use a combination of cold therapy and compression to achieve the benefits of both in one therapy modality. The main benefits of using cold therapy are decreased pain from surgery, decreased swelling and inflammation that can occur in joints post-surgery, and decreased narcotic usage that reduces the need for prescription drugs to help with pain management.

Benefits of active compression

The main benefits of using active compression for post-surgery benefits include the ability to mimic natural muscle movements. Since your muscles have to recover and regenerate after surgery, using compression can help your muscles with their “muscle memory.” Furthermore, compression with a Polar Care Kodiak unit helps flush swelling away from the affected area in the body to help restore a full range of motion. Lastly, compression leads to a higher regrowth of tissue repair to lead to a faster healing process.

Benefits of cold therapy and active compression

Are there any benefits of using cold therapy and active compression combined using the Polar Care Kodiak machine? Yes, there are! Using a Polar Care Kodiak can help patients recover faster after surgery due to the combination of both therapy modalities in one machine. One of the main benefits of using cold therapy and compression together is increased pain control. Instead of just using ice packs or cold therapy to help reduce muscle soreness, adding compression can also reduce muscle pain and soreness.

In addition, Polar Care Kodiak uses cold therapy and active compression to help reduce the need for narcotics during the post-surgery recovery process. Patients can gain independence from the overuse of narcotics by using the Polar Care Kodiak instead of prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medication.

Furthermore, using active compression and cold therapy together with the Polar Care Kodiak provides an increased range of motion during the recovery period. Since moving muscles and post-surgery joints is crucial to restoring strength and range of motion, you can use Polar Care Kodiak to help restore range motion quicker. For people with disabilities, you may check with your plan manager to see if it is covered by your insurance, such as NDIS.


As you can see, using the Polar Care Kodiak machine that combines cold therapy and active compression is an effective way to help provide ideal pain control, reduce narcotic use, and improve the range of iron during the post-op recovery period.

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