White label crypto swap exchange

White label crypto swap exchange

With various progress going on around web3 development and the growth in the DeFi ecosystem, the crypto swap exchange is also gaining a lot of attention. A Crypto swap is exchanging one cryptocurrency for another of the same value. However, knowing effective crypto swap exchange is essential to instantly acquire the currency one desires by crypto swapping. Some of the well-known crypto exchange platforms are Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, Bancor and Curve.

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However, for a fast and ready solution for crypto swap exchange, many entrepreneurs need to feel adopting white-label crypto exchange platforms. So, there is a surge of white-label crypto exchange development in the market.

How does crypto swap exchange work?

Crypto swap exchange means users will exchange some of their crypto coins for the same value of another coin. Let’s say user A wants to exchange some of his Ethereum coins for Bitcoins of the same value. Then the mechanism used for exchange is called crypto swap exchange. Here there is no role of fiat currency in the entire exchange process. Also, there is no need for crypto-to-fiat transactions for the token migration.

With the help of the crypto swap exchange platform users can seamlessly exchange cryptocurrency. This is an ideal solution for those new to the crypto market. Besides, these crypto swap exchange platforms are fully decentralized as there is no central authority to control the transactions. Smart contracts play a key role here during the transaction.

What is a white-label crypto swap exchange?

The white-label crypto exchange platform means a customizable software that is already built for crypto swap exchanging purposes and can be used readily. Since it is ready-made, it is cost-effective and useful for crypto’s mass adoption. With white-label crypto exchange solutions, users can deploy their crypto project into the marketplace immediately and easily. Most of the white-label crypto exchange platforms come with high-grade security ensuring the secured transaction and preventing cyberattacks. They possess sophisticated cross-chain processing that enables cryptos to be swapped between different blockchains.

Features of white label crypto exchange

The following in-built security features are noticeable in white-label crypto exchange platforms:

  • Escrow wallet management is used for all transactions.
  • Two-face authentication is applicable before logging into the trading account.
  • These platforms feature KYC – Know Your Customer, an AML integration that protects the crypto exchange against hackers and scammers.
  • With a time-lock feature, a trader can access a crypto exchange account for a limited time, which reduces the chance of theft.
  • With a registry lock, the owner can lock the domain information.
  • These platforms use Google authentication, sending OTP and activation links to the trader’s registered email id.

Other common features include

  • Atomic swaps
  • Margin trading
  • IEO launchpad
  • Liquidity API
  • Global payment gateway
  • Crypto wallet integration


White-label crypto exchange software makes it easy to launch a simple cryptocurrency exchange platform and get started with your crypto business. The cost of the white-label crypto exchange depends on the requirements and needs of each customer. Every business has its own requirements and features for launching its own crypto exchange platform.

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