Who is David Bolno? An LA-based Business Manager Who is no Stranger to Success

Becoming a successful entertainer in today’s competitive industry requires more than just raw talent and passion. It takes determination, resilience, and a strategic approach to navigate the ever-changing landscape of show business. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, actor, comedian, or any other type of entertainer, these tips will provide you with valuable insights to help you on your journey to success.

1. Hone Your Craft

The first step towards success as an entertainer is to invest time and effort in honing your craft. Whether it’s mastering an instrument, perfecting your acting skills, or developing your unique comedic style, continuous practice and improvement are essential. Attend workshops, take classes, and seek guidance from mentors who can provide constructive feedback to help you grow.

2. Embrace Rejection and Learn from It:

Rejection is inevitable in the entertainment industry. Instead of getting disheartened, use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Every successful entertainer has faced rejection at some point. Take constructive criticism positively and focus on improving your weaknesses. Keep pushing forward, and eventually, your hard work will pay off.

3. Build a Strong Online Presence:

In the digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for reaching a wider audience. Create and maintain professional profiles on social media platforms, engage with your followers, and share your work regularly. Utilize platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, or TikTok to showcase your talent and gain visibility.

4. Network and Collaborate:

Networking is a powerful tool in the entertainment industry. Attend industry events, join online communities, and connect with other entertainers, producers, and professionals in your field. Collaborating with others not only expands your reach but also allows you to learn from different perspectives and experiences.

5. Stay Persistent and Patient:

Success rarely happens overnight. It takes time, dedication, and persistence to make it in the entertainment business. Stay committed to your goals, even in the face of challenges and setbacks. Be patient and remember that each step you take brings you closer to your dreams.

6. Embrace the Business Side:

As an entertainer, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the business side of the industry. Familiarize yourself with contracts, royalties, and financial management. Consider working with professionals like managers or agents who can guide you through the intricacies of the business while you focus on your craft.

7. Seek Inspiration but Be Authentic:

Drawing inspiration from successful entertainers is natural, but avoid imitating them outright. Find your unique voice and style that sets you apart from the rest. Authenticity is what attracts audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

8. Never Stop Learning:

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to stay updated on current trends and industry developments. Attend seminars, workshops, and industry conferences to keep learning and adapting to the ever-changing landscape.

David Bolno: The Man Behind the Empires

In the world of entertainment business management, few names are as illustrious as David Bolno. With an impressive roster of clients, including some of the biggest names in the music industry like Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone and Pharrell Williams. Bolno’s expertise in guiding the careers of A-list entertainers is unmatched.

Known for his exceptional financial acumen and strategic vision, David Bolno has been a driving force behind the success stories of many renowned artists. One of his most significant contributions was evident in Drake’s 2011 album “Take Care.” In the album’s liner notes, Drake expressed his gratitude, thanking David Bolno for “pulling my life together for me and putting me in a position where I can now begin to build my empire.” This acknowledgment is a testament to Bolno’s ability to not only manage his clients’ finances but also to empower them to achieve their aspirations and ambitions.

Aspiring entertainers can learn from Bolno’s approach to business management. His focus on meticulous financial planning, strategic investments, and prudent decision-making has helped his clients attain long-term success. Beyond just managing money, Bolno has been an invaluable mentor, guiding artists through the highs and lows of the entertainment industry.


the journey to success as an entertainer is challenging, but with determination, authenticity, and a willingness to learn, you can make your mark in the industry. Embrace rejection as a stepping stone to improvement, build a strong online presence, and network with others to expand your horizons. Remember that success is a gradual process, and seeking the guidance of experienced professionals like David Bolno can be a game-changer. With the right combination of talent, hard work, and business acumen, you too can achieve your dreams in the world of entertainment.

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