Why Is Ayurvedic head massage Good?


Shiroabhyanga, the Sanskrit term used for Ayurvedic head massage, literally means putting oil to the head. As the head is the position for the most critical marma points, which authorises the flow of vital energy or the prana throughout the body, The head massage in Ayurveda is a super practical tool to persuade relaxation and healing. While nothing literally can compare the panchakarma Australia and the relaxing massage you can get from the Ayurvedic practices. Regular head massage is excellent for maintaining a healthy lifestyle regularly.

Ayurvedic massage has been in practice for several years now. It has also taken its place in the ancient Ayurvedic text, Charaka Samhita, the fifth chapter in the Sutra Sthana book.

Advantages Of Ayurvedic Head Massage 

The significant benefits of an Ayurvedic head massage include:

  • Improved and better concentration and functioning of senses.
  • Reinstates harmony and balance of the body’s doshas.
  • High relief from insomnia from people who have difficulty sleeping.
  • Better condition of scalp and hair. According to Ayurvedic doctors, deep nourishing of the scalp via a massage can prevent premature baldness and grey of hair.
  • It relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress and tension.
  • It helps in the release of endorphins that are responsible for making you happy and cheerful.
  • It also controls emotional stress.

Perfect Method For Ayurvedic Head Massage


According to Ayurveda Australia, firstly, you must heat the oil so that it feels relaxing and comfortable. Remember not to make the oil too hot else; it would be satisfied. This can be done by using a coffee mug warmer. Now politely apply the oil to the hair, scalp and head. Gently massage the face, head and scalp and provide enough time to massage the entire scalp, temples, forehead and neck area.

Follow up with an Ayurvedic shampoo. A conditioner isn’t required. Repeat this process daily or twice a week. Please do it for 5 to 10 minutes for the best results.

What Type Of Oil Should You Use? 

Sesame oil is one of the most beneficial oils for general massage purposes in Ayurvedic science. Coconut oil is also perfect, depending upon the type of dosha or the body type.

For Vata dosha issues, sesame oil is known to be one of the top choices. Also, Ayurvedic oils with herbs like Shatavari, Bala, gunja, ashwagandha, etc., can be super beneficial in nourishing and strengthening the hair roots and your scalp.

For Pitta issues, you can go for oils having cooling properties like sunflower oil or coconut oil. Also, herbal oils containing Guduchi, Brahmi, manjishtha, yashtimadhu, etc. They are considered to very beneficial in balancing Pitta.

Kapha related disorders can be solved by regular head massaging with the oils, including herbs such as chitrak, camphor, calamus, rosemary, punarnava, etc.

Wrapping Up 

The human head is the most crucial part of the entire body, and it has some vital energy points that link directly to the brain and mind.

Ayurvedic massage helps in keeping you rejuvenated and balanced to enjoy your day to its fullest.


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