Wide range of best Modular enclosures

Modular enclosures

When choosing enclosures for placing controls or other equipment, users have two main options: one-piece (unitary) structure, which is formed by folding and welding sheet metal to the desired shape; and a modular structure in which the main structure is formed by an inner frame with an outer skin attached thereto. While there may not be much difference on the surface, differences can contribute to the use of modular enclosures for manufacturing shops.

Modular enclosures provide greater flexibility and fewer footprints for users than uni-body enclosures, and their design and construction provide additional benefits to users. The strength of modular enclosures is in its frame. The enclose consists of metal molds with a sequence of holes spaced at average space so that ordinary trimmings can be additional to the center without drilling or welding. In addition, multiple frames can be joined at the sides, and sides, top to bottom to create flexible configurations.

Why Modular Enclosures Are Better than other

Modular enclosures offer additional benefits that make caring for internal contents more cost-effective, time-saving and user-friendly. Here are many reasons why you should choose a modular enclosure over a custom-made enclosure, no matter the application.

Well Protection

Why are you putting equipment in an aviary? You need to protect him and protect yourself. You protect it from environmental factors such as dirt, dust, water, dripping liquids, oils – you name it. And then you use it as a physical barrier to prevent others from being electrocuted or experiencing arc flash, which happens! The beauty of modular enclosures is that you can remove panels to work in one area, while protecting the rest of the equipment and other parts from exposed components.


With modular enclosures, you can do all the wiring and installation of equipment and accessories while the other panels don’t get in your way. So it is faster, simpler and well lit. With traditional crates, you need to grab a crane, use a hoist or forklift to raise the box and then lower it onto your back. You will never put it in a modular closet. This way, you can leave it completely standing, pull out the mounting plate, work on the internal components, and close it again. Many people think they can save money with a custom box, customize it and never touch it again.

Available in sizes and types


Modular enclosures, although available in traditional sizes, can also be configured to suit the needs of a particular application, such as full and partial doors, multiple mounting panels, and side entry / access.


When select the kind of design for gear enclosures, it is usually wise to go wrong on the side of the flexibility that modular enclosures offer, because the demands of tomorrow may not be apparent today. It’s also sensible to decide a design that can be effortlessly customized.


Not only can you disable panels – if you need a front and rear door, or two mounting panels inside an enclosures, or if you want to install a swing frame, but you can also create hybrid enclosures and expand enclosures. As your needs change over time.

Typically Ethernet controls are housed in a closet in the production floor and IT equipment in the production room, but you can nicely bundle them together in a modular design in one place. Combining them in one welded box would be very difficult and probably prohibitively


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