Will Mock Tests be helpful for NEET preparations?

NEET preparations

The answer to your question is a YES. Mock tests are very very important and useful for aiding your NEET preparation.NEET is a very tough and highly competitive examination. Where a student has to not only put in hard work but also needs to play smart as the situation often becomes stressful for the applicant who is not used to such competitive exams. In such a scenario NEET Online Mock Test Series plays a crucial role. They are specially designed in a way to provide an overall idea of how the on-day NEET exams will be conducted.

The NEET Mock Tests are designed in a manner to help aspirants get well adapted to the main exam pattern, it will also help to build a proper strategy while students are doing their preparations. Mock tests allow you to test yourself and enable you to measure how prepared you are for the exam. Mock tests will help you set a benchmark depending on your previous performance and you will get a chance to improve on your mistakes and do better.

NEET aspirants are always recommended to take Mock Tests only after they have completed 50% to 60%  syllabus preparation. Merely studying and completing the syllabus will not suffice your overall preparation to crack NEET. It is important to boost it with vigorous practice and this is where the Test Series or Mock Tests will help you gain an extra profit over other candidates. A mock test will help in boosting your overall revision process.

Benefits of taking up NEET Online Mock Test Series

  • These test series are well prepared keeping in mind the newest revised NEET exam pattern and syllabus and they include chapter-wise practice tests for all subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, Biology. The NEET test series ensures that aspirants are well versed in each topic and chapter-wise questions which can be asked from anywhere in the NEET syllabus that has been prescribed by National Testing Agency (NTA). Regular practice after completion of every chapter will help aspirants to get familiar with the actual exam pattern and type of questions asked
  • The best way to analyze your progress is by taking Mock tests. Always have the tendency to learn from your mistakes. These NEET Mock Tests are online in case you attempt an incorrect option the answers will be auto-generated giving you immediate feedback of your mistake. In this way, the applicants can understand their weak areas and what they lack in. Put all your efforts into improving those sections particularly before the main exam day. Always take the Mock test very seriously as an actual exam.
  • Speed and accuracy are two important factors in NEET exams. You have to answer 180 questions within 180 minutes which means you can only give 1 min to every single question. Appearing for the NEET test series regularly will help in increasing your speed. With very little provided to solve a question, better speed is required which can be increased by practicing NEET Mock Test Series. Only having increased speed will not help hence aspirants also need to focus more on the accuracy of the answers. There are possibilities of making mistakes when you answer questions with maximum speed. Therefore maintain a proper balance in both speed and accuracy while answering the questions. For the accuracy of answers, the NEET test series will be very helpful in your preparations.
  • Stress and anxiety is the most common problem that most NEET aspirants face. Students need to stress more on gaining confidence over subject knowledge. Mock tests are practice exams that will help students with stress management making them comfortable with the pattern of the exam and answering exams without taking any pressure. Mock tests mimic the real exam conditions making your preparations better and getting you a high score.
  • Test series provide subject-wise practice questions for aspirants. Offering relevant questions that are provided by the expertise of that particular field. The questions asked for mock tests are generally covered from the past 20 years of medical sample test papers. The students don’t have to waste additional time looking for past pacers and they also get to know the difficulty level of the actual NEET exam.

Other than the mock test one can also follow some strategies for this exam. Here are some tips and tricks you can take up while preparing for the NEET exam

  • Focus on subject-wise important topics

Chemistry: Equilibrium, Chemical Bonding, Kinetics, Coordination Compound, s-block, f and d -block elements, p-block elements, Biomolecules, Polymers, Alcohol, Ether, Organic chemistry

Biology: Biological Classification, Principles of Inheritance and Variation, Sexual reproduction in Flowering Plants, Reproduction, Genetics, and DNA Replications

Physics: Electrostatics, Magnetism, Current Electricity, Optics, Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, Semiconductors, and Communication System

  • Studying NCERT is a must without which NEET preparations are incomplete. It has been observed that consecutive years direct questions are framed from NCERTs especially for Biology and Chemistry. One must religiously read NCERT books for all three subjects. Other than this, one can also follow some premium study materials or reference books available for NEET preparations.
  • Set a target score of at least 600+ when appearing for mock tests. After getting well aware of the exam pattern and the syllabus and having done with your preparation sit for mock with a thought that you are appearing for the actual exam. Give your 100% and try to cross the set target. Your score will give you an idea of how well prepared you are for the final NEET exam.
  • Revision is very important. All your hard work will go in vain if you do not invest time in revising what you have. The revision will help recall things faster when you sit for the final exam. Other than that, take a proper healthy long sleep, try refreshing your mood by taking in between breaks like going for walks or watching some show, stay away from things and people who distract you, and most importantly stay healthy at the time of preparation.

Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice the more perfection you will gain. Attempt as many mocks as you can, don’t be disheartened by less score, and never give up. Stay strong, Stay positive.

Written by Enaa Mari

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