Window Decoration For Your Home: Explore 7 Ideas of 2021

Window Decoration For Your Home: Explore 7 Ideas of 2021

Windows might be the last thing on someone’s mind when they think of home decor. In most cases, the windowsill remains bare or tends to disappear in the daily clutter. All it takes is a touch of creativity to ramp up your windowsill and give it the attention it deserves. If done well, they have the potential to become the highlight of any room. They are not only adaptable but also take very little additional space. In this article, we will highlight some of the top window ideas that you can use in 2021 to make your windows look spectacular.

  1. Your Very Own Seating Space

Transform your windowsill into a cozy, comfortable nook ideal for reading, which is possible for small sills. You can also push a few cabinets or a bench in front of the window and add some colorful cushions on top to create a bay window type effect. This approach is convenient, completely DIY and uses floor space that would have otherwise remained underutilized. You can also use this space to store old blankets, board games, toys etc.

  • Double It Up as a Floating Shelf

Transform your windowsill into a floating shelf or even an antique bookshelf. This style lends homeowners an opportunity to lend a fragment of their personality and style to their home’s decor. Your windowsill can be a perfect makeshift shelf where you can display your book collection or art pieces, among other things. In case a bookshelf isn’t your thing, you can display a few of your indoor plants on that shelf.

  • Go Green

Building up from the previous point, if you have a windowsill that is a bit wider than usual, you can repurpose it using it as a mini greenhouse. Creating a small display of plants can liven up your room like nothing else while conveying a nurture loving tone. Green is the most soothing color on the spectrum and adding greenery to your personal space can have an immensely calming effect. What’s more, you get additional privacy from outside intruders. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  • Window Awnings

What is an excellent way to keep the sun out, maintain your privacy and have your space look breathtaking? The answer to this question is window awnings. They act like a mini roof over the window and lend it a regal aesthetic. Despite keeping the sun from shining through the window directly, they still leave ample scope for natural light to enter. During warmer months, they keep the temperature cool, hence reducing electricity bills significantly.

  • Make It a Bedside Table

If you have a windowsill right next to your bed, you can use it to pile all your favourite books and other items of interest. It will act as your very own bedside table, which you can keep the way it is or add antique metallic boxes on top for additional storage.

  • Storage of Miscellaneous Items

Have you ever wondered that you have too many small items that don’t have a fixed spot for themselves? Time to send them over to the sill as you can use it as the space to store knick-knacks that don’t have a spot designated to them. These can include cookie cutters, glass pieces etc. Make sure to store them in a way that doesn’t look chaotic and messy.

  • Desk it Up

Work from home is the new norm in the post-pandemic world and has driven the need for personalized office spaces. You can try transforming your windowsill into a gorgeous yet functional office desk for a workplace with a view. Apart from the natural sunshine, there is also a huge incentive for repurposing unused space, which is so much in style these days.

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