Youpak: The Pakistani Alternative for YouTube

Have you ever tries to play a video game or watch a video in your region, and your internet simply didn’t grant you access? If you faced any similar situations, then it must have happened due to your geographical location.

The internet can be limited and monitored by authorities, and Pakistan is one of those countries. In 2008, the Pakistani government decided to restrict what Pakistani people can see or do on the web. It wasn’t the first time the Pakistani people face similar bans, though; for a long time, the Pakistani government has blocked and filtered thousands of websites’ content.

However, the main motive behind the ban was a religious triggering video on YouTube, which has provoked many Pakistanis’ anger, leading to violent protests in big cities across Pakistan.

In an attempt to prevent any acts threatening Pakistan’s national security, The Pakistani government decided to ban YouTube, along with many other major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Youpak (ClipMega): The Pakistani Alternative for YouTube

From a global aspect, YouTube is home to billions of videos and YouTubers who make good revenue from uploading videos and share their content. Unfortunately, for quite a long time, the service has been banned in Pakistan; even when the Pakistani government allowed access to YouTube as a response to the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority (PTA) recommendation, the version was also filtered from any possibly offensive videos.

Youpak was brought to the scene to overcome the lack of options, and surprisingly, it was more than good to watch billions of videos and easily upload videos for free to the platform.

The impressive part is that Youpak has a very similar interface to YouTube’s. It is also easy to use with many videos organized in categories: Sports, music, religion, etc. Also, the platform is available in regions other than Pakistan. Many other users can access its content from their locations, which means it’s not necessary to live in Pakistan to use Youpak.

However, the service isn’t globally accessible due to geo-blocking issues, which is not a new struggle to the internet users and has always been a snag in their way towards unlimited access to the internet.

How to Go Around Geo-Restrictions: Watch Youpak Unblocked!

Recently, there have been many attempts to bypass geo-restrictions and allow unlimited access to the internet. Among all other ways, VPN services proved to be the most effective and secure way to enjoy unrestricted content.

Briefly, VPNs mask the targeted IP address and change it to a different one allowing access to the blocked content on the web. Changing the IP address, as a result, can fake the geographical location to show that a user lives in a region where the blocked content is accessible there.

But before we get excited about any VPN service out there to unblock Youpak, let’s check the following features first:

  • A decent number of servers with a good distribution
  • Secure and reliable protocols
  • No-log policy and a kill switch to prevent any possible data leak
  • A money-back guarantee to give the service a try first

With that said, we are actually excited about CyberGhost, Private Internet Access (PIA), and HideMyAss (HMA). Also, they all offer a money-back guarantee to which is flexible and guaranteed.

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