10 Best Massage Guns to Relieve Muscle Pain

In the year 2021, we’ve learned to adjust to the new ‘normal.’ That is, staying within our homes for the most part and going out only for necessities (that too with specific prerequisites). We can’t speculate on what the future holds, but for now, people are finding ways to replace or readjust to their lives before the pandemic using gadgets and gizmos to do the trick.

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is an electrical tool that delivers percussive therapy to an individual with varying attachments and settings. Massage guns are also known as vibration therapy guns or percussive therapy guns.

Massage guns aren’t new inventions; they’ve been used by athletes and triathletes for years now. However, the average person is looking more and more into buying one for themselves.

Massage guns don’t come cheap. This is why it’s essential to know about its different types and their problems at alleviating.

1. Massage Guns With Increased Speeds

Percussive speeds on massage guns usually come in a range and can be adjusted by the individual. However, a few massage guns have a higher base speed than others.

Massage guns with increased speeds are usually ideal for people with sore muscles, such as athletes or for people in particular occupations. They’re best used to relieve lower back pain.

2. Massage Guns With Lower Speeds

If you find your muscles feeling sore but the soreness subsiding in a few hours, go for a massage gun with lower percussive speeds or lower vibrations. These massage guns are quieter and more universal in their use. They’re also ideal for someone who does not require a massage therapist as often.

3. Rechargeable Massage Guns

Any rechargeable product would be ideal, especially when you can’t always go out to get batteries. Rechargeable guns can be used for longer periods depending on the make and the model. However, charging time often takes between one to a few hours.

4. Massage Guns With Ball Attachments

One gun would vary from the next based on the type of attachments it comes with. Those with ball attachments are great for neck stiffness and lower back pain.

5. Massage Guns for Athletes

Athletes require massage guns with higher vibration speed and more rigorous percussion power. These guns are often rechargeable but louder and sturdier.

6. Travel Massage Guns

At the heart of it, all massage guns can be carried. However, a few of them are built more compact than others. If you tend to get sore on long drives or flights, have a smaller massage gun with you in your travel case.

7. Ergonomic Massage Guns

If you’re using a massage gun on yourself, you’d want something easier to hold and lightweight. Ergonomic massage guns are designed to put as little strain as possible on your hands and wrists. Exogun DreamPro is one of the best examples of Ergonomic Massage Gun as it’s made with anti-slip material, designed for shock absorption to disperse the power of each stroke. It also comes with 6 speed settings to acquire the most effective massage intensity. Without any doubt, Exogun is the best massage gun available these days.

8. Massage Guns With Safety Features

While a massage is meant to be relaxing, increased pressure might hurt you if you aren’t careful. Some guns come with auto shut-off safety features. This feature powers off the gun to relax you and the machine itself after a long massage.

9. Deep Tissue Massage Guns

A deep tissue massage requires stronger pressure than other massages. The corresponding massage gun also has higher power output than other guns.

10. Massage Guns Based on Muscle Groups

Larger massage guns with larger attachments are typically used on larger muscle groups (quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes). While smaller ones are used for smaller muscle groups (neck muscles).


A massage gun such as the Theragun massage gun is an excellent investment at a time where you have to stay 6 feet away from the next guy. These guns come in a range of options and are designed for people from all walks of life.

Written by Crystal Rae

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