Affordable Luxury Candle Subscriptions

If you’re a candle lover, you really ought to be subscribed to a candle subscription box service. Candle subscription boxes will send you one (or sometimes more) candle per month to keep your collection growing and growing.


Vellabox is a luxury candle brand that prides itself on sending out candles that don’t contain paraffin wax. Their candles are made from 100% natural wax. They also offer three different levels of membership, allowing you to choose whatever best fits your home and your life.

The three levels include:

  • The Lucerna Box: One 4oz Candle for $10/month
  • The Ignis Box: One 8oz Candle for $20/month
  • The Vivere Box: One 4oz Candle and One 8oz Candle for $30/month + free shipping

Each of their subscription boxes also contains a surprise gift.


Wicksly’s candles are truly luxurious as they’re hand-poured in-house each month. For that reason, they send the same candle to each of their members each month, shipping each box out at the same time.

So you can expect to receive themed candles around holidays and candles that fit in with the seasons.

A subscription to Wicksly will cost you $20/month including shipping. You can also prepay multiple months, getting you a $40 discount when you prepay for the entire year. That’s two free months!

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio offers a Candle of the Month Club where they’ll send you a different candle depending on the season. You’ll also receive a cute matchbox each month to light your new candle.

Brooklyn Candle Studio’s candle of the month club will cost you $25 a month. You can also opt for the higher tier option at $35 a month. For this deluxe option, you’ll receive their choice of monthly candle as well as a smaller travel candle.


Wickbox sends all of its members different candles, as the candles that you receive are based on your scent profile. That way, if you don’t like a certain scent or scent profile, you can opt-out of receiving those types of candles.

They offer two different levels of membership, one that costs $29.95 and one that costs $39.95. With each membership, you’ll receive a medium or large (respectively) candle that will burn anywhere from 60 to 100 hours depends on its size.

Their candles also come in beautiful containers that can be reused for other things in the future. Many of their members boast about these beautiful jars, making the subscription while worth its cost.


Keap is a candle subscription box that focuses on refreshing, renewing, and restoring good energy into your home. During your scent quiz, or “scent journey” as they like to call it, you’ll be asked a few questions, including:

  • What types of scents you’d like to receive. You have the option between picking a seasonal scent or picking a specific scent to receive each month.
  • How many candles you’d like to receive. You can choose between two candles a month, one candle a month, or one candle every two months.

Keap’s candles will cost you $39.50 each no matter which subscription type you choose.

Choosing a Subscription Box

Choosing a candle subscription box shouldn’t be a hard decision. There are so many good options out there for you, you just can’t go wrong. No matter which subscription box you choose to subscribe to, we’re sure you’ll be happy with all your new candles. And if you aren’t, most services offer easily cancellation, skipping, pausing, and more.

If you’re not a fan of one brand, it’s easy to skip around until you find the perfect candle company for you. For more information on affordable luxury candle subscriptions visit if you prefer to buy candles when you want them, visit You can custom order your candles with your favorite scent and color. With over 100 scents to choose from, you will be able to not only your favorite scented candle but match your decor!

Written by Crystal Rae

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