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Best Wedding Destinations in Australia


Australia has several beautiful locations for weddings, but the best wedding destinations have both the surroundings as well as the structures and amenities that are necessary for a great wedding. From some of the best wedding venues Hobart has to offer, to a wide range of available surroundings and settings, including beaches, Great Barrier Reef, mountains, and monoliths, there is certainly something for everyone. 

Great Barrier Reef

This large coral reef is the largest in the world, and is a wonderful location for a wedding of anyone with an interest in maritime wildlife, coral, or who are looking for a new and original way to hold their wedding. It offers a colourful background for an underwater wedding, and offers opportunities for photographs that will be long lasting and never duplicated. The ceremony is often followed by lunch on the vessel, and is sure to be an experience well remembered by all attendees.

Just nearby to the Great Barrier Reef are the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands. Here you can enjoy luxury cruises that are the ideal location to pop the question or have the ceremony of your dreams. The Whitsundays are made up of a series of islands and the soft white sand is a view you’ll never forget. Private Charters Whitsundays take couples on scenic tours by sea and experience one of Australia’s ultimate wedding destinations.

Beach Wedding

Sydney is well known for its beaches, several of which are within the city or close to it. There are beaches that are quiet, secluded, and that feel romantic and secretive, as well as beaches that offer a busy and vibrant area full of life and energy. Each of these will appeal to people who feel most comfortable in those surroundings. Each are popular locations for weddings; however, the Long Reef Beach is currently listed as one of the best wedding venues.

Mountains and Nature Reserves

There are areas around the country which offer a view of the mountains, and within a national park it is a protected area. Some of these areas offer wedding packages, making it easy to plan and enjoy, with less stress than planning each part individually. In Western Australia there are several areas that offer wonderful settings for weddings including monoliths that are still in their natural location, deserts, and more. 


Protected by the UNESCO World Heritage, there is an area of Tasmania that is popular for weddings and draws people from around the world. There are lakes that are clear and sparkling, and the space offers a chance to be within the wilds of nature. As protected land it remains undisturbed in its natural setting.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island offers areas that have not been altered in any way, both beaches and forest. Enjoy your wedding ceremony and reception on the island with a catered meal and watch the wildlife. The wildlife is not limited to the kangaroos the island is named after, but includes many animals that are natural to the area. 

There are many places in Australia to have a destination wedding, ranging from beaches to forest, underwater, or on the water. With something to offer anyone and many places to stay, as well as several wedding packages. Choosing a wedding package can make the planning easier and allow focus on the event rather than the details. With local hotels and areas to stay, these destination weddings can work for those who live in the area as well as people around the world, and the vacation can be extended into a honeymoon. 

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