Décor trends for your home

Décor trends for your home

Your home is your safe space and decorating your sanctuary is one of the most fulfilling experiences. The amount of time that we have all spent at home in 2020 has considerably increased and switching up the view once in a while can be a positive change. Alternatively, you could also be looking at best mobile homes to flip and put on the market — which is why this article can come in handy when it comes to staging the home.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the trends taking the home interior industry by storm.

  1. Statement pieces – Function over fashion is what modern interior decorators look at while suggesting house decorative Placement of artwork and artifacts should be done keeping in mind the color scheme of the room. Cluttering a corner or a wall with a lot of pieces will reduce the impact of each piece and also make the space look untidy.
  2. Additionally, covering the most viewed corner of your home with a red sea max nano aquarium will make it look more attractive.
  3. Pop of color – Vibrant colors can make you feel positive and stimulate your imagination. Breaking monotony with colorful cushions or vases can be attractive against a monochromatic background.
  4. Plant parents – Being plant parents is the current trend and more people are attracted by this. Indoor plants can brighten up spaces and add a splash of freshness. Planting flowers on window sills or near gates and doors can beautify the space.
  5. Sustainable homes – Making responsible choices whilst building your home is a trend catching on fast. Facilitating garbage segregation and proper disposal, recycling water, and harnessing solar power are just some of the things that can be done to reduce the carbon footprint. Using biodegradable materials and locally sourced items also contribute to making sustainable homes.
  6. Tech-savvy houses – With digitization making new leaps every day, more homeowners are interested in making automation an integral part of house designs. Smart home technology has reduced the need for human intervention and assured a life of comfort and ease. Vacuums, dishwashers, air conditioners, televisions, lighting, and security can be based on technology and make houses self-sufficient.
  7. Workspaces at home – With more people opting to work from home, ergonomic designs are being requested frequently. Incorporating a work desk or a workspace in a house will be a need going forward. The concept of a home office can be realized even with space constraints.
  8. Well-being nooks and corners – With more people sensitized to the benefits of yoga and meditation, people are now beginning to concentrate on holistic healing. A corner with lots of natural light, fragrant candles (lavender is popularly used), and a minimalistic approach is something that will be a part of every household. Practicing mental and physical well-being through open spaces and uncluttered areas.

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Homes can be decorated in a lot of ways and the sky is the limit. The ultimate goal to be kept in mind while designing a home should be the functionality and your comfort. Home is where you can truly unwind and let go of the stresses burdening you. A stylish décor can only guarantee a good image to the onlookers and should not be the primary goal. After all, home is where the heart is.

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