What to Look for in Motorcycle Clothing and Gear

Riding a motorbike has always been a popular pastime, which is not surprising at all. There is hardly another type of vehicle that offers so much joy, freedom and adrenaline. While some people need to rely on their motorcycle in order to get from one place to another, others own one in addition to their car and use it just for fun in their free time. And even though motorcycling is one of the coolest ways of getting around, it’s also one of the most dangerous ones. That’s why high-quality motorcycle clothing and gear is so important for a safe riding experience.

What Kind of Clothing Do You Need for Motorcycling?

When it comes to motorcycles, there are tons of different things one could spend money on: spare parts, polish, clothing and gear. For now, we’d like to focus on the best motorcycle clothing – the things that you should definitely not forego.

Racing Suits

The cool racing suits are based on what the athletes in the GP wear. And, as you can imagine, their demands are really high. They need the highest degree possible to protect themselves from injuries or even death. At the same time, they need clothing that is comfortable, functional and that attracts the eye. Racing suits are a perfect way to be warm and fashionable on the road. They´re usually available as one-piece or two-piece – the latter consists of a jacket and pants of the same style and material.

Motorcycle Footwear

Of course, you could always ride your motorbike wearing normal clothes. But it´s the lower limbs that are injured very often in motorcycle accidents. In order to protect yourself, you should consider wearing footwear that has been designed for riding a motorbike. If you like to go fast on a strong motorcycle, you should definitely think about getting decent motorcycle boots. They look cool and offer a lot of protection for your shins, your ankles and your feet.

But even if you don’t spend a lot of time on your motorbike, you should make sure to be protected well. Nowadays, there are motorcycle boots that look just like sneakers. Nobody would even notice that you´re wearing special types of shoes.

A Good Motorcycle Jacket

Again, there is no real need to get a jacket that’s been designed for bikers. But special jackets do offer a lot of advantages, especially for those, who spend a lot of time on their motorcycle. The shoulder area is designed differently in motorcycle jackets. That offers you a lot more comfort when spending a lot of time inclined forward on your bike. Jackets for motorcycling are also very functional. That means they deal well with the cold, with winds and with beginning precipitations. But that’s not all: Of course, good motorcycle jackets include protectors that reduce your risk of injury in case of a crash.

The Motorcycle Helmet

This one is the most important piece of motorcycle gear there is: a helmet. Helmets save lives and are obligatory in many countries of the world. The liner inside of a helmet is impact-absorbing. That means it conducts the forces of the impact away from your skull. Helmets are a part of the basic equipment for motorcyclists.

When buying a new helmet, make sure that it fits you perfectly – only a fitting helmet can protect you with its impact-absorbing technology. In order to find the perfect size, measure your head circumference slightly above your ears and figure out which shape of head you have: Is it long oval, intermediate oval or round oval? Even if you get everything right, you should make sure to wear your future helmet for at least half an hour when you try it on. That way, you get the chance to notice any discomfort it may cause you. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, start looking for an alternative. A good helmet should be tight but not give you a claustrophobic sensation.

Written by Enaa Mari

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