5 Important HTML Tags for SEO in 2021 

Important HTML Tags for SEO

HTML tags are code elements that have the back-end of all the webpages. There are some particular HTML codes that offer key info for SERP display to the search engines. These code elements do the job of highlighting parts of your content that best suit the search and also describe those elements for the search crawlers. With that being said, it is not important to use these code elements as with technology being upgraded, the search engines are also getting upgraded and as a result, fewer HTML tags are used these days as compared to before. There are a few tags as well that have even gained some SEO value.

Here, in this article, you will get to explore and learn about some significant SEO HTML tags that are going to remain important in 2021 as well:

Title Tag

Title tags are used to create clickable headlines in the SERP. It depends on Google to create a SERP headline for your page; for that, either it can use any of the section headings from within your page or create a new headline. No matter what, the title tag is the first thing that Google is going to check to get headline ideas. Depending on where the title tag is given, Google will make it the headline in the relevant listing. Hence, optimizing the title tag is a good way to get some control over how your page is represented in the SERP.

Meta Description Tag

Meta description tags are those that are used to create descriptions within search result snippets. It is always better to create a meta tag as Google sometimes uses these meta description tags to create the snippets that you see in the search results.

Google can also ignore your meta description tag and can take up a copy from your page to show as the snippet. This depends on whether the quote is more relevant to the query or the meta description; Google will pick the one that is more prone to increase your chance of click-through.

Heading Tags

As you know, heading tags help in creating a structure for your page for both the visitors as well the search engines. It has generally been noticed that no one actually reads the complete article rather they prefer going through the headings to find the answer to their query. They read that particular paragraph and move on. Not creating headings can create a lot of confusion and this will not bring much traffic.

So, heading tags eventually for the core of the content and help readers and search crawlers understand what your page is all about.

Image alt text

Alt text ensures web accessibility, however, it also aids in image indexing. Image alt text helps the users to understand the image even when you cannot view it. The alt text is used to explain the image in the form of the text so that the users will understand the image even when it is not loading. In the case of SEO, alt text is responsible for how images are indexed in Google search; Tampa SEO agency recommends using image alt texts if you have something that can be visualized.

Schema markup

Schema markup ensures the use of rich snippet features to improve the regular SERP snippets. There is a collection of tags developed jointly by Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex that are hosted by These tags are used by webmasters to give more information to the search engines about different types of pages. As a result, the search engines apply this information to improve their SERP snippets with different rich features.

These were all the important HTML tags that are very much significant in SEO and need to be taken care of for better optimization. Although search engines are getting smarter and in the near future, there will be less need for HTML tag optimization. Also, most of the modern CMS systems will automatically add these elements.



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