Top 4 Podcast SEO Tips to Get More Subscribers

Podcast SEO Tips

Podcasts have transformed into a very well-liked option for content utilization. They are not brand new as a structure of the content type, but there are a growing number of audiences re-establishing them. They can make a fascinating medium to discover when trying to increase one’s audience. Google is making efforts to start showing up podcasts in search engine result positions. Podcast SEO is a great chance to create an audience via search traffic. This article will help one to know the following podcast SEO tactics to get in front of more people and to get more subscribers. Check more details about podcasting here

Select the Right Platform

In fundamental SEO, uptime and loading paces are significant indexing and ranking factors. If the webpage loads too slowly, the site will be less likely to rank higher on search results. The same applies to one’s podcast. Podcast ranking gets impacted by how swiftly the platform loads. The lower is its optimal performance, the lower will be the number of subscribers. Several podcasters select to host their podcast episodes on their possessed site, or using Melon’s app, then make dedicated episode pages to maximize their opportunities of getting in front of their targeted audience utilizing specialized on-page technical SEO. You can contact an SEO consultant Perth to gather more information on this topic.

Include Your Podcast into Your Web Blogs                                 

To level up the podcast SEO, one can attach their podcast episodes to SEO-friendly columns. Google is strategizing to incorporate multimedia results, including YouTube videos and even podcasts on search. One can merge their blog and podcast efforts to stay onward of the competition. There is a list of available options to go about this. Initially, one can make a column around a podcast episode. So after taping one’s episode, one can reuse it into a high-level column to optimize with the best SEO practices. To indulge users in one’s podcast episode, it is crucial to tease the content in the shape of queries or properly highlighting what to expect. One can state key terms and SEO-friendly search phrases to make the most of on-page SEO.

Invite Well-Known Industry Chiefs

One prominent way to get in front of one’s customers and receive more podcast subscribers is by interviewing famous thought leaders and influencers in one’s niche onto their show. Their followers and supports will be more likely to listen to one’s podcast if they are aware that someone they believe is sharing rich information on one’s platform. Getting those essential guests just gets one’s absolute subscriber’s foot on the floor. If one owns a relatively small podcast, they must cultivate their path up the ladder before targeting huge experts in their industry. It is crucial to target low-hanging fruit and to question industry leaders with a less small following on to one’s podcast. One can utilize this opportunity to display their interacting skills and increase their ongoing listenership before going for bigger names in their niche.

Include This as a Facet of Your Consumer Support

If one’s business consists of a podcast that makes high-value episodes that walk users via their products or services or provide answers to their usual queries, it can be beneficial to include those episodes into one’s consumer support knowledge base. People may have often asked questions about one’s app or product, for instance. In one’s FAQs pages and information bases, one can fix their episodes in relatable posts that will assist them in answering customer’s queries. It is a great way to customize and humanize one’s mail ticketing system. As an email ticket support system enables one’s team to transmit files to send to consumers, it is important to upload these helpful podcast episodes regarding their queries. One should make sure to send relevant links to the customers via support channels in response to their concerns.


Receiving more podcast subscribers can appear like a mountain climb, but one must keep in mind to punctuate their content creation efforts by providing a solid promotion strategy. Podcast SEO ensures that one’s podcast is a spot by the audience who would love to follow their podcast the most.

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