Types of tweezers and their proper use

In the hardware market, there is a wide variety of manual and electric tools for domestic and professional use that allow the performance of all types of work. For example, in the category of pliers and pliers, we find great diversity and great utility for all industries.

In this blog, you will find the different types of tweezers and their proper use.

Curved point gripper

This is a manual tool used to manipulate and repair electronic devices, its curved tip allows to hold parts and keep them firm. They are widely used in jewelry work.

USA type point gripper

Tip pliers allow you to hold, bend and cut wire. They are widely used by electricians; their thin tip allows you to reach places that are difficult to reach.


This tool allows you to remove nails and screws from a wooden surface, it is also used to cut wire, nails or other elements, it is mostly used in carpentry work.

Round point tweezer

With the round tip pliers, it is possible to wind soft wires and cables, it is used in jewelry work.

Cold forceps

These pliers are ideal for cutting thin gauge wires and cables using hand pressure on the pliers’ arms.

Universal pliers

This basic tool in the home allows you to do any type of work, such as holding and tightening pieces firmly.

Multi-purpose knife clamp

This clamp is very versatile as it has several functions in one piece. The handle contains several indispensable tools for simple manual work. In addition, thanks to its shape and size it is easy to carry.

Precision tweezers

These precision tweezers are made of high-quality stainless steel with an anti-acid, anti-magnetic and anti-static coating. That they are free of electrostatic discharges favors the use of precision tweezers in contact with electronic and electrical elements sensitive to this type of discharges, giving total security to carry out maintenance operations at any point of the 3D printer.

The good finish of the tips polished by hand and the high resistance to maintaining the shape after prolonged use, ensures the removal of traces of filament from the nozzle typical in the change of filament. In addition, the strength and shape of the tips of these tweezers help the user to easily remove supports from the pieces, even in areas of difficult access or remains of support materials after being diluted.

The Titanium tweezer is ideal for removing material residues from the nozzle and for direct access to narrow places such as small holes.

Written by Crystal Rae

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