Wellmien Healthcare Supplies

Wellmien Healthcare Supplies

Wellmien concentrates on manufacturing the best quality medical supplies, including Personal Professional Equipment (PPE), medical consumables, and outdoor emergency equipment. To ensure that the quality is not compromised, every product is processed through a quality management system at every stage. Standard and quality are assured.

For the last 15 years, the company has conducted this business and continued to make its name in the market. It has successfully made a trademark in the international market as well, exporting its medical equipment throughout the world. The product quality and the services provided alongside indicate their professionalism and the urge to satisfy their customers.


Wellmien Healthcare Supplies produces a variety of equipment. Items that fall under the category of Disposable PPE are used for minimal contact with any injury or disease. Such items include surgical masks, caps, aprons, gloves, underpads, and diapers. Dental supplies wound care and, testing consumables are also available.

Outdoor first aid kits and supplies are manufactured as well. In case of any emergency, where treatment is required at the spot, items such as CPR masks, vomit and urine bags, and sleeping bags come in handy. It also manufactures disposable beauty care products that are essential to maintain personal hygiene in saloons or hospitals. The items in this category include disposable bras, medical eye pads, and towels. All these products are passed by the CE certification of the European Union (EU) and have FDA Medical Device Listing.


Established in 2006, Wellmien has continued to grow to date. In 2020, the annual sales exceeded 35 million USD. Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia include the biggest buyers, generating sales revenue of more than 10 million USD every year.

Staff and Employees

The company has over 300 staff members, including 8 R&D personals who are responsible for research and discovery to propose better equipment ideas that can contribute to the medical field. With in-depth product knowledge, required skill set, and market awareness, the company continues to thrive and make its way to providing the best possible services. The sales headquarter and the factory is located in Jiangsu, China, covering an area of 8000 square meters.

A very experienced and dedicated team of professionals is responsible for maintaining the standard and increasing sales and production. The company employee body includes important personals such as Mr. Valor Zhu as the Managing Director, Miss Grace Liu as the Director, Miss Bella Shen, Miss Candice Bai, and Miss Sophia Wang as the Senior Sales Rep.


Wellmien also focuses on providing the best customer service to ensure an easy purchasing method and customer satisfaction. Each product available has a complete set of instructions and guidelines on how to properly use the equipment. Furthermore, all product details such as material, size, and style are mentioned so that the customer is completely aware. Authentic images and information are available.

The purchasing method is simple. Once you have selected an item on the website, contact the company via WhatsApp, phone call, or email. All the contact details are present on the website itself. Secondly, review the quotation provided and complete the confirmation and sampling procedure. Before you plan to purchase any product in bulk, you receive samples for inspection. If you are satisfied with the received sample, you can continue with the procedure. After your order is confirmed, continue with the advanced payment via PayPal or L/C.

Lastly, wait for the delivery. Wellmien provides worldwide delivery services are provided with flexible and efficient logical arrangements. Thus ensuring a swift delivery with each item carefully packed to avoid any sort of damage and, discomfort to the customer. The customer service team is responsive around the clock. Online services are available through different communication means to provide the customer convenience to use any medium they find easy to use. The customer service is always swift to reply to any problems, delivery details, or particular product details.

The reason behind the growing business is that Wellmien Healthcare Supplies focuses on every aspect. The demands and sales prove that they have been producing one the best products, proving beneficial for the healthcare departments. With fast manufacturing and delivery services, Wellmien has always succeeded to efficiently fulfill its customer requirements in case of any emergency or outbreak.

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