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Auckland is a city full of students, both New Zealanders and foreigners. In this article we mainly talk about two leading universities in Auckland, but the city also has several technical institutes. If you are interested in studying in Auckland or if you plan to move with the aim of studying in the future, find out what to expect next.

The life of a student in Auckland

Although Auckland is not a “student city” as such, it does attract large numbers of students. Many New Zealanders tend to stay at home while studying, but in Auckland you’ll find neighborhoods full of student flats. Kingsland, Gray Lynn and Parnell are some of them, where large old houses have been converted into student flats.

Universities in Auckland

  1. The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland founded on May 23, 1883 as Auckland University College, was part of the now defunct University of New Zealand. In 1961 Auckland University College became The University of Auckland and has grown exponentially ever since. Today it has five campuses throughout Auckland and hosts more than 40,000 students.

The University of Auckland is the largest and highest ranked university in New Zealand. It is ranked 83rd in the QS World University Ranking, the only New Zealand university in the top 100. It is the most prestigious in the city with fantastic engineering and business programs, as well as a wide variety of courses across the learning spectrum.

Thanks to a new government scheme, foreign PhD students pay the same tuition fees as New Zealand students. Among its 40,000 students, 6,000 are foreigners, coming from more than 110 different countries.

If you intend to enroll in The University of Auckland as an undergraduate student, you will need the appropriate high school degree in addition to meeting its English requirements. If you want to do a graduate program, you must have a full university degree with good academic qualifications.

  1. Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is a newer and fully accredited school with three city campuses and state-of-the-art facilities for its students. Education at AUT uses a modern approach very focused on the real world, for students to gain practical skills upon graduation.

AUT currently ranks first in New Zealand for research and health impact issues. She is known for being supportive of students, she also has an excellent reputation in communication studies and law, but she does not stop there and offers a wide range of courses.

AUT favors access to foreign applicants: they offer English and improvement classes if you do not have the necessary qualifications to enter a degree program. Once you complete these classes successfully, you can start your chosen course.

  1. Technical Institutes in Auckland

Unitec and MIT are two of the largest and most interesting schools, but New Zealand also has schools for a wide range of practical skills, from music and audio engineering to gastronomy and cocktails. If you are interested in them, you can use School Finder to do a school search and quickly get a list of schools in New Zealand.

Visa, registration and other useful information

In general, undergraduate fees start at about NZ $ 6,000 for New Zealand students and around NZ $ 30,000 for foreign students. For postgraduate courses, they are around NZ $ 8,000 and NZ $ 40,000. Native students receive their first year of tuition free and can obtain interest-free loans from the government.

Foreign students are required to have a visa valid for the entire duration of their studies in New Zealand. Your university will ask for your visa documents before you enroll. If you do not send them the documentation, you will not be allowed to attend. If you need help with visa procedures, most schools will help you out. Or you can turn to Visa Application.

It may vary slightly between universities, but in general the New Zealand academic year starts in late February/early March and runs through November, with a break in July. December and January are the summer months in New Zealand, synonymous with holidays or summer courses. The deadline to process your application for admission is usually in December. However, this varies by program and facility. We recommend that you apply well in advance to ensure sufficient time to obtain your student visa and plan your trip to New Zealand.

These are some information about studying in Auckland. By studying in Auckland, you will not only receive a world-class education, but also gain a unique experience, which will make your life more colorful and meaningful.

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